October 25, 2021


January 20 - liquidated Dagestan and Terek regions of the RSFSR, formed Goryansk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic February 3 - in Tarnow (Poland) began work "Council of the Republic" - the interim government of the UPR in exile March 15 - the city of Alexandrovsk was renamed Zaporozhye March 16 - liquidated Batumi and Kara regions of the RSFSR May 27 - Afghanistan declares independence August 7 - Transcaspian region of the RSFSR is renamed Turkmen October 31 - In the English town of Sutton Coldfield, a suburb of Birmingham, appeared the first road markings in the UK - a pedestrian zebra. November 21 - The Bolsheviks shot dead 359 captured Ukrainian soldiers, participants in the Second Winter Campaign of the UPR Army, near the town of Bazar. February 14 - The Bolsheviks sign a peace treaty between the USSR and the LDR. census in Poland. Accidents and catastrophes March 3 - A British passenger steamer, the Hong Moh, hits an underwater rock during a storm and breaks. 872 people died. March 18 - The Hong Kong steamer sinks in the South China Sea. 1,000 people died. The beginning of the Holodomor of 1921-1923


See also Category: Born 1921 January 1 - Rocky Graziano, American boxer, actor. January 5 - Friedrich Durrenmatt, Swiss playwright and publicist. January 21 - Badaeva Maria Vasylivna, Soviet underground. January 31 - Mario Lanza, American opera singer, actor. February 21 - Zdenek Miller, Czech animator, creator of the character Krotika February 21 - John Rawls, American philosopher. February 22 - Juliet Mazina, Italian actress. February 22 - Jean-Bedel Bocassa, cannibal president (since 1965), cannibal emperor (1976-1979) of the Central African Republic. March 2 - Eddie "Lojo" Davis, American jazz musician (d. 1986) March 24 - Smyslov Vasily Vasilyevich, Russian chess player, 7th world champion. March 28 - Dirk Bogard, English film actor. April 12 - Shake Jake Harris (real name James D. Harris), American blues musician (d. 1990) April 15 - Berehovy Heorhiy Tymofiiovych, Ukrainian cosmonaut pilot. April 16 - Peter Ustinov, English actor. May 3 - Ray Robinson, American boxer. May 21 - Sakharov Andriy Dmytrovych, physicist. 2

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