October 28, 2021


May 25 - The First All-Ukrainian Conference on Local Lore began in Kharkiv, during which the Ukrainian Committee of Local Lore was established (date of institutionalization of the Ukrainian local lore movement). July 18 - The first edition of the book "Mein Kampf" by German National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler is published July 31 - "Red Friday" art and industrial exhibition in Paris. The series of Soviet posters was awarded a silver medal.


Opening of the spin by Woodsmith and George Uhlenbeck


See also Category: Born 1925 January 2 - Irina Arkhipova, Soviet and Russian opera singer, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater (1956-1988), People's Artist of the USSR. January 7 - Gerald Malcolm Darrell, English naturalist and writer. January 26 - Paul Newman, American film actor, director, producer, screenwriter. February 8 - Jack Lemmon, American film actor. March 20 - David Warren, Australian scientist, inventor of the flight recorder. March 28 - Smoktunovsky Inokentiy Mikhailovich, Russian actor of theater and cinema. March 28 - Dmytro Mykhailovych Hnatyuk, outstanding Ukrainian opera singer, People's Artist of Ukraine. April 9 - Unknown Ernst Yosifovich, an American sculptor of Russian descent. April 14 - Rod Steiger, American actor. April 22 - Aaron Spelling, American television and film producer. May 15 - Kasatkina Lyudmila Ivanovna, Russian actress. May 19 - Pol Pot, leader of the left-wing Khmer Rouge political group, leader of Cambodia (1975-79). May 19 - Malcolm X, American Negro civil rights activist. June 3 - Tony Curtis, actor. June 11 - William Styron, American writer. June 21 - Maureen Stapleton, actress. July 1 - Luchko Klara Stepanovna, Russian actress. July 2 - Patrice Lumumba, Zairean revolutionary, first prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. July 6 - Bill Haley, musician, singer. July 28 - Baruch Blamberg, American biochemist and physician, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1976 July 29 - Mikis Theodorakis, Greek composer, politician. August 2 - Jorge Raphael Videla, President of Argentina (1976-1981). Aug 6

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