July 5, 2022


March 11 - the sale and import of Bibles is prohibited in the Soviet Union. In September, the Dniprobud II station was opened as part of the newly built Shlyuzova-Kantserivka line. October 11 - the Soviet People's Committee of the USSR completely banned private property. Joint-stock company "Svema" OJSC was founded. All-Union Conference on Combating Drought.


Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll created a prototype of an electron microscope. Construction of the first cyclotron by E. Lawrence. Lars Onsager proved the principle of symmetry of kinetic coefficients. American radio engineer Carl Jansky discovered cosmic radio radiation.

Accidents and disasters

June 15 - the steamship Saint Philibert (Sant Philibert) sank in the Bay of Biscay off the coast of France. More than 500 people died.


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