October 25, 2021


January - The USSR publishes a notice of the conclusion of a new Soviet-German trade agreement "for the period from February 11, 1941 to August 1, 1942." January - the first reports of the beginning of the introduction of German troops in Bulgaria are published in the USSR; TARS claimed that this was being done "without the knowledge and consent of the USSR." January 30 - British 8th Army defeats Italian forces and occupies the city of Derna in Egypt. February 1 - All central newspapers of the USSR published a detailed report on Hitler's speech on January 30. March 11 - The United States begins providing military supplies to allies of the anti-Hitler coalition. April 6 - German-Italian troops attack Yugoslavia. April 17 - Yugoslavia capitulates in World War II. June 13 - Mass deportations begin in the Moldavian SSR; according to official figures, about 200,000 people were deported and repressed during several waves of deportation from Moldova June 14 - About 15,000 people, representing mainly the country's political and economic elite, were deported from Latvia to Siberia. June 22 - German troops begin crossing the USSR. Germany's war against the USSR began. Germany and Italy declared war on the USSR. June 24 - In three prisons in Lviv, NKVD officers shot 2,072 people. June 30 - Units of the 17th Wehrmacht Army occupy the city of Lviv June 30 - The Act of Restoration of the Ukrainian State and Establishment of the Ukrainian State Board is proclaimed in Lviv. July 7 - Mass murder of Polish scientists and teachers in Lviv (see Murders of Polish professors). July 17 - By order of Hitler, Galicia came under the jurisdiction of the General Governorate as a separate district of Galicia. August 18 - NKVD officers blow up the Dnieper HPP, killing thousands of coastal residents and Red Army soldiers September 1 - an order came into force on the issuance of vodka to Red Army soldiers on the front line of the "People's Commissar's Hundred Grams" September 15 - Nazi mass arrests of OUN-Bandera members begin throughout Ukraine and in exile. September 24 - Enkavedists blow up Ukraine's first skyscraper, the Ginzburg Skyscraper. Fictional events In 1941, the events of the film "The First Avenger" take place.



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