January 22, 2022


January 9 - The Government of Israel recognizes the People's Republic of China. January 26 - The new state of the Republic of India is created March 5 - Roman Shukhevych, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, is killed in a shootout with MGB officers in a secret apartment in the village of Belogorsk near Lviv May 13 - The first race of the first Formula 1 championship took place in Silverstone, England June 25 - The Republic of Korea is attacked by the North Korean army. The Korean War begins. June 28 - The North Korean People's Army captures Seoul, the capital of South Korea, during hostilities. October 21 - The Geneva Conventions for the Protection of War Victims enter into force November 4 - In Rome, the member states of the Council of Europe signed the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. T. Harrison agrarian reform in Italy


See also Category: Born 1950 January 5 - Chris Stein, American rock musician (Blondie) January 21 - Kosakivsky Leonid Hryhorovych, Ukrainian politician January 21 - Billy Ocean, English reggae singer January 26 - Jörg Haider, Austrian nationalist politician January 26 - Biletsky Volodymyr Stefanovych - Ukrainian scientist in the field of mining, doctor of technical sciences, professor, full member of NTSh, Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, corresponding member of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine, public politician, founder and editor-in-chief of Vostok ", The author of the idea and project manager" Mining Encyclopedia " January 26 - Shcherban Volodymyr Petrovych, Ukrainian politician February 10 - Mark Spitz, a prominent American swimmer February 12 - Steve Hackett, British rock guitarist, former member of Genesis February 13 - Peter Gabriel, English rock singer, former member of Genesis February 18 - John Hughes, American film director, screenwriter February 22 - Miu-Miu, French film actress March 20 - Carl Palmer, English rock musician March 21 - Roger Hudson, English rock singer, musician (Supertramp) March 25 - Burda Boris Oskarovich March 27 - Tony Banks, English rock musician (Genesis) April 2 - Kononov Vitaliy Mykolayovych, Ukrainian

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