July 5, 2022


February 6 - after the death of King George VI, Elizabeth II receives the throne in Great Britain June 6 - the Working Group of Experts on Technical Requirements for Vehicles was founded in Geneva, which in 2000 was renamed the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (English: The World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations) July 23 — the European Coal and Steel Association, the prototype of the European Union, was founded July 23 — revolution in Egypt, overthrow of the monarchy September 19 — the first trolleybus was launched in Minsk


Bubble Camera (Donald Arthur Glaser) The Miller-Yuri experiment proved the fundamental possibility of the formation of biomolecules from inorganic starting substances.


See also Category: Born in 1952 January 4 - Horvat Korol, Hungarian Croatian politician and Hungarian linguist (d. 2020). January 20 - Paul Stanley, American singer (Kiss). January 25 - Lee Strobel, American Christian author and former investigative journalist. February 8 — Viktor Proskurin, Russian actor. February 15 - Mykola Sorokin, Russian actor, theater director, teacher, politician February 19 - Danilo Türk, President of Slovenia. February 23 - Brad Whitford, American rock musician (Aerosmith:). February 29 - Raisa Petrovna Smetanina, Russian skier. March 5 - Alan Clarke, English rock musician (Dire Straits). March 9 — Ulyana Semenova, Latvian basketball player. March 14 — Albert, Prince of Monaco. March 27 - Maria Schneider, French actress. April 1 - Billy Currie, American musician, keyboardist of the band Ultravox. April 4 - Dave Hill, English rock musician, guitarist of the Slade band. April 4 – Gary Moore, Irish virtuoso guitarist April 6 - Udo Dirkschneider, German rock musician. April 10 - Hryhoriy Oleksiiovich Yavlinskyi, Russian politician. April 13 - Oleksandr Kutikov, Russian rock musician, bassist of the band "Mashina Vremnye". April 24 — Matsko Vitaly Petrovych, Ukrainian literary critic, novelist, poet, translator, local historian, journalist. April 25 - Vladyslav Oleksandrovich Tretyak, Russian hockey player (goalkeeper). May 14 - Volodymyr Matetskyi, Russian composer-songwriter. May 14 - Robert Zemeckis, American film director. May 14 - David Byrne, Eng