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Uprising of prisoners (political prisoners) in Norilsk. Most of them were Ukrainians. The Union of Ukrainian Student Societies of America (SUSTA) was founded in New York April 25 - formed by the Air Defense Quarter. May 29 - Man conquers the highest point on the planet for the first time - New Zealander Edmund Percival Hillary and Sherpa Norgay Tenzing climb the summit of Jomolungma (8,848 m). September 3 - The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms enters into force. b / d - the first USS Nautilus nuclear submarine launched in the United States.


Deciphered DNA structure (James Watson and Francis Creek). The method of brainstorming is offered.


See also Category: Born 1953 January 2 - Demtsyu Mykhailo Ivanovych, Ukrainian post-impressionist artist, People's Artist of Ukraine. January 6 - Malcolm Young, Australian rock musician ("AC / DC"). January 23 - Pavlo Ivanovych Lazarenko, Ukrainian politician. January 26 - Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Prime Minister of Denmark in 2001-09, Secretary General of NATO (2009). February 15 - Anatoliy Hostikoyev, Ukrainian actor of theater and cinema. February 18 - Arkady Ukupnik, Russian pop singer, composer. February 28 - Paul Krugman, American economist, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize. March 22 - Matvienko Anatoliy Serhiyovych, Ukrainian politician. March 23 - Chuck Khan, American singer. May 6 - Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997). May 15 - Mike Oldfield, English musician. May 16 - Pierce Brosnan, Irish actor. May 19 - Shavarsh Karapetyan, multiple world champion and scuba diving record holder. May 21 - Nora Aunor, Philippine actress, producer and singer. May 24 - Alfred Molina, actor. May 29 - Alexander Gavrilovich Abdulov, Russian actor. June 8 - Bonnie Tyler (Gaynor Hopkins), rock singer. June 11 - Vitaliy Bilonozhko, Ukrainian singer, pop singer. June 12 - Tim Allen, comedian. June 19 - Larry Dunn, keyboardist for Earth, Wind & Fire. June 21 - Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan (1988). June 22 - Cindy Loper, American pop singer, actress. June 29 - Colin James Hay, Australian singer. July 15 - Jean Aristide, President of Haiti (1991-1996). July 16 - Pavlo Globa, astrologer

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