May 25, 2022


May 9 - The Federal Republic of Germany joins NATO. May 14 - The Warsaw Pact of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance is signed. June 11 - The biggest car accident in history occurred in Le Mans (France) during car racing September 6-7 - A pogrom of the Greek minority takes place in Istanbul. October 18 - launch of the first unit of Kakhovka HPP.


Discovery of the antiproton. December 12 - British engineer Christopher Cockerell patents the first hovercraft.

Fictional events

Events of the trilogy of films "Back to the Future".


See also: Category: Born 1955 January 6 - Rowan Atkinson, British comedian. He starred in "Mr. Bean", and others. January 10 - Michael Schenker, German rock musician ("Scorpions"). January 18 - Kevin Costner, American actor, director. January 26 - Eddie Van Galen, American rock musician, singer. February 2 - Leszek Engelking, Polish poet, novelist, translator, critic and literary critic. February 4 - Ravil Safiullin, President of the Professional Football League of Ukraine (since 2001). February 19 - Jeff Daniels, American actor. February 19 - Margot Hemingway, American actress. February 24 - Alan Prost, French Formula One racer. February 24 - Stephen Jobs, American engineer, businessman, co-founder of Apple Computer. March 9 - Ornella Muti, Italian film actress. March 16 - Isabelle Huppert, French film actress. March 19 - Bruce Willis, American actor. March 19 - Valentina Sazonova, fashion designer, doll author, public and cultural figure of Ukraine. March 19 - Pino Daniele, Italian singer-songwriter, musician and composer. March 24 - Bilozir Igor Yosypovych, People's Artist of Ukraine, Ukrainian composer and performer, leader of VIA "Fire" († 2000). March 31 - Angus Young, Scottish rock musician, guitarist of the band "AC / DC". April 4 - Mick Mars, American rock musician, guitarist of the band "Motley Crue". April 13 - Khakamada Irina Mutsuivna, Russian politician, chairman of the "Common Cause" movement and the Union of Right Forces, State Duma deputy. April 17 - Erin Moure, Canadian poet, translator. April 18 - Naumenko Mike, leader of the Russian group "Zoo". April 21 - Chris Kelmy, Russian pop singer and songwriter. April 24 -