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b/d — a Soviet-American treaty on cultural cooperation, under which both parties undertook to hold exhibitions on the territory of the other state, where achievements in art, science and industry were demonstrated. The result was the American exhibition in Moscow, Sokolniki, in the summer. January 1 — Victory of the Cuban Revolution. January 2 - the USSR makes the first launch of the Luna-1 rocket to the Moon. "Luna-1" could not go on the calculated trajectory and got lost in space. On January 21, the European Court of Human Rights was established, the purpose of which is to monitor compliance with the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights. January 27 — Osh Oblast of the Kyrgyz SSR was united with Jalal-Abad Oblast. May 28 - American scientists carried out a successful launch into space with the return of two monkeys, Able and Baker, on the AM-18 rocket. August 11 — Sheremetyevo International Airport was opened in Moscow. October 15 — Murder of Stepan Bandera, carried out by Bohdan Stashynskyi. October 20 - Stepan Bandera was buried at the Waldfriedhof cemetery in Munich. August 7 — The Luna-3 spacecraft sent back to Earth photographs of the far side of the Moon for the first time. December 1 — 12 countries (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, the USSR and the USA) signed an agreement in Washington on the peaceful scientific use of Antarctica Tibetan uprising


Thomas Gold coined the term magnetosphere.

Fictional events

Events of the book 11/22/63.


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