August 8, 2022


August 15 - the last capital punishment took place in Scotland November 14 - a powerful underwater volcanic explosion forms the island of Surtsey, 33 km south of the coast of Iceland. Lava and black columns of smoke rise from the surface of the ocean. The territory of the newly formed volcanic island is 1.7 km². September 16 - Singapore joins the new federation of Malaysia. Publication of the IUCN Red List has begun In Syria, the Baathists - members of the Party of Arab Socialist Revival "Baath" - came to power.

Fictional events

Events of the book 11/22/63. Events of the series 11.22.63.


Strange Lorentz attractor.


see also Category: Born in 1963 January 2 — Oleksandr Vilchynskyi, Ukrainian writer January 14 - Anna Vladlenivna Samokhina, Russian film actress January 26 - Jeezy B (Beresford Romeo), American singer February 4 - Kevin Wasserman, English rock musician, singer (The Offspring) February 10 - Serhii Penkin, Russian pop singer February 17 - Michael Jordan, American basketball player February 19 - Silgenry Samuel, American singer and composer February 21 - William Baldwin, American actor March 4 - Jason Newsted, American rock musician, bass guitarist of the band Metallica March 5 - Joel Osteen, American pastor, televangelist and writer. March 11 — Valentina Plavun, painter and theater artist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and the National Union of Theater Actors of Ukraine. March 13 - Oleksii Mykhailychenko, Ukrainian football player March 15 - Bret Michaels, American rock singer (Poison) March 18 - Vanessa Williams, American singer, model, actress. March 23 — Oleksiy Bogdanovych, Ukrainian theater and film actor. March 27 - Quentin Tarantino, American actor, screenwriter, director March 27 - Mykhailo Kostiantynovich Shcherbakov, Russian poet, author and songwriter March 29 - MC Hammer, American rap singer, dancer, actor March 29 - Ellie McPherson, Australian top model March 30 — Oleksiy Mykhailychenko, Ukrainian football player, coach April 8 - Julian Lennon, English singer April 13 - Harry Kasparov, Russian chess player April 24 - Billy Gould, English rock musician (Faith No More) May 5 - Scott Westerfeld,