August 8, 2022


Freedom of Information Act of 1966 January 19 - Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India. She became the first woman in India and the second in the world to hold the highest government post. May 1 - Georgy Mitrofanovych Moskalenko and Viktor Kuksa, on the night of May 1, 1966, erected a yellow-blue flag with a trident and the inscription: "Ukraine is not dead yet" above the Kyiv Institute of National Economy. She hasn't been killed yet." June 12 — In Kyiv, the world's first trolleybus train of inventor Volodymyr Veklych began operating. August 8 - the beginning of the "cultural revolution" was announced in China. February 3 — the first soft landing of a spacecraft on the Moon and the transmission of a televised image of a panorama of the lunar surface to Earth ("Luna-9", USSR). October 28 — the Osh region of the Kyrgyz SSR was awarded the Order of Lenin; The 5th edition of the American textbook on internal diseases, Fundamentals of Internal Medicine, edited by T. Harrison.


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January 2 - Tia Carrere, American actress. January 19 - Stefan Edberg, Swedish tennis player. January 29 - Souza Faria Romario, Brazilian football player.


February 6 - Rick Astley, British singer, composer. February 7 - Christine Otto, German swimmer. February 8 - Hristo Stoichkov, Bulgarian football player. February 20 - Cindy Crawford, American supermodel, actress. February 25 - Thea Leoni, American actress.


March 23 - Marty Pillow, English singer (Wet, Wet, Wet). March 25 - Jeff Healy, Canadian rock musician.


April 11 - Lisa Stansfields, Canadian singer. April 12 - Ihor Yuriyovych Slisarenko, Ukrainian TV journalist. April 15 - Samantha Fox, English pop singer.


May 4 - Dmytro Lalenkov, Ukrainian actor and screenwriter. May 12 - Stephen Baldwin, American actor. May 16 - Janet Jackson, American pop singer, actress. May 21 - Lisa Edelstein, American actress, known for her role in the series "Doctor House". May 23 - Abakarova Elina Magodivna - architect, artist. May 24 - Eric Cantona, French football player. May 26 - Helena Bonham Carter, actress. May 27 — Sean Kinney