August 13, 2022



n.d. — The Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Harvard University was founded. n.d. — the world's first "Encyclopedia of Cybernetics" edited by V. Glushkov (in Ukrainian, Kyiv) was published. December 3 - the American "Pioneer-10" ("Pioneer-10") became the first spacecraft to fly by Jupiter. Abdus Salam, Sheldon Lee Glashaw and Steven Weinberg predicted the existence of neutral currents.


see also Category: Born in 1973 January 13 - Mykola Vasylkov, Ukrainian television presenter, sports reporter. January 14 — Vasyl Kardash, Ukrainian football player. January 20 — Ruslan Goncharov, Ukrainian figure skater, Olympic Games medalist. January 27 - Valentin Belkevich, Belarusian and Ukrainian football player (died in 2014). February 12 - Tara Strong, Canadian actress. February 24 — Rostyslav Valikhnovsky, Ukrainian plastic surgeon. March 24 - Jim Parsons, American actor, known for the comedy series The Big Bang Theory. April 6 — Fozzie (Olexandr Sydorenko), Ukrainian singer, vocalist of the band TNMK. April 10 - Roberto Carlos, Brazilian football player. April 28 — Oksana Marchenko, Ukrainian TV presenter. May 4 — Olena Kolyadenko, Ukrainian choreographer, director. May 24 — Ruslana, Ukrainian singer, winner of Eurovision 2004. May 29 — Gena Viter, Ukrainian singer and TV producer. May 30 — Nataliya Moseychuk, Ukrainian journalist, TSN TV presenter. May 31 Natasha Koroleva, Russian pop singer originally from Ukraine. Nina Lemesh, Ukrainian biathlete. June 3 — Oleksandr Denisov, Ukrainian sports journalist, TV presenter. June 24 - Eduard Tsykhmeistruk, Ukrainian football player. July 3 - Patrick Wilson, American actor and singer. July 13 - Dmytro Mykhaylenko, Ukrainian football player, coach. July 23 - Ihor Hniezdilov, Ukrainian film, television and dubbing actor. July 30 — Varvara, Russian ethno-pop singer and musician, Honored Artist of Russia. July 31 - Oleg Vinnyk, Ukrainian singer. August 6 - Vera Farmiga, American film actress of Ukrainian origin. August 9 — Oleksandr Ponomaryov, Ukrainian singer, composer. August 11 — Vitaly Kosovsky, Ukrainian football player. August 13 — Olesya �