May 28, 2022


March 25 - A nephew of King Faisal bin Abdelaziz al Saud of Saudi Arabia is shot dead. Dynamo (Kyiv) won the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Super Cup on October 6 American engineer and entrepreneur Ed Roberts has developed the first commercially successful personal computer Altair 8800 September 4 - Egypt and Israel sign the Sinai Treaty. b / d - Demyanyuk's case began. Comprehensive product quality management system in the USSR


See also Category: Born in 1975 January 1 - Serhiy Nadal, Ukrainian public and political figure. 2 January Oleksandr Shovkovsky, Ukrainian football player, goalkeeper. Vladyslav Vashchuk, Ukrainian football player. January 5 - Pavlo Kostitsyn, Ukrainian TV presenter, actor and director. January 5 - Bradley Cooper, American actor and producer. January 8 - Olena Hrushyna, Ukrainian figure skater, Olympic medalist. January 9 - Oles Tereshchenko, Ukrainian journalist, former TV presenter of the First National TV Channel (died in 2018). January 19 - Myroslav Kuvaldin, Ukrainian singer, leader of The VYO. February 10 Yuriy Dmytrulin, Ukrainian football player. Oleksandr Hlyvynsky, Ukrainian sports journalist, TV commentator and TV presenter. February 13 - Victor Loginov, Russian actor and TV presenter. February 18 - Serhiy Fedorov, Ukrainian football player. February 22 - Drew Barrymore, American actress. March 1 - Taras Berezovets, Ukrainian political technologist, journalist. March 15 - Tymofiy Milovanov, Ukrainian economist, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine (2019-2020) March 20 - Yuriy Pavlenko, Ukrainian politician. March 31 - Volodymyr Ariev, Ukrainian journalist, MP. May 2 David Beckham, English footballer. Ivan Bakanov, Ukrainian statesman. Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine since August 29, 2019. May 3 - Vasyl Sachko, Ukrainian football player, coach. May 8 - Enrique Iglesias, Spanish singer. May 14 - Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, Ukrainian singer, composer, politician and statesman. May 18 - Natalia Korolevska, Ukrainian politician and stateswoman, People's Deputy of Ukraine. May 25 - Lyudmyla Monastyrska, Ukrainian opera singer, soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine. June 4 - Angelina