January 22, 2022


March 27 - Two Boeing 747s, owned by KLM and PanAm, collide on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands). 583 people died, it was the worst disaster in the history of aviation. June 5 - The first Apple II personal computer goes on sale. September 5 - Voyager 1 interstellar spacecraft launched.


Tau Lepton is open The 8th edition of the American textbook on internal medicine, Fundamentals of Internal Medicine, ed. T. Harrison.


see See also Category: Born 1977 January 1 Olena Kravets, Ukrainian comic actress. Konstantin Tomilchenko, Ukrainian choreographer, dancer. January 8 - Ruslan Kostyshyn, Ukrainian football player, coach. January 13 - Orlando Bloom, British actor. January 24 - Chad Hurley, American businessman, founder and former CEO of the popular YouTube video-sharing site. January 27 - Bohdana Pivnenko, Ukrainian violinist. Daughter of the artist Ivan Marchuk. February 2 - Shakira, Colombian singer. February 17 - Yulia Lyovochkina, Ukrainian politician, People's Deputy of Ukraine. February 24 - Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated American professional boxer. February 25 - Julia Lord, Ukrainian singer. February 26 - Yegor Sobolev, Ukrainian journalist, politician. March 15 - Oksana Gutzayt, Ukrainian journalist, radio and TV presenter. March 17 - EL Kravchuk, Ukrainian singer. March 23 - Nazariy Yaremchuk (junior), Ukrainian pop singer, composer. April 9 - Dmytro Tankovych, Ukrainian and Belarusian TV presenter. April 14 - Sarah Michelle Gellar, American actress. April 23 - John Cena, American wrestler, performing in the WWE. April 28 - Natalia Buchynska, Ukrainian pop singer. May 4 - Eugene Nikishin, Russian and Ukrainian champion of the KVN Premier League, actor, TV and radio host. May 18 - Kamalia, Ukrainian singer. May 19 - Natalia Oreiro, Uruguayan and Argentine singer, actress and model. May 27 - Olga Bura, Ukrainian TV presenter and model (died in 2004). June 18 - Oleksandr Kosyrin, Ukrainian football player. July 1 - Liv Tyler, American actress. July 14 - Victoria, Princess of Sweden. August 4 - Andriy Matsola, Ukrainian businessman, brewer, philanthropist and citizen

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