May 19, 2022


August 7 - Lynne Cox swam across the Bering Strait in 2 hours and 6 minutes The 11th edition of the American textbook on internal medicine "Fundamentals of Internal Medicine" was published, ed. T. Harrison. March 8 - Burda Fashion begins publishing in the USSR, becoming the first European magazine to be published. Accidents and catastrophes March 6 - A Herald of Free Enterprise trailer dives off the coast of Belgium, killing 188 people.


See also: Category: Born 1987 January 9 - Olena Pidhrushna, Ukrainian biathlete, champion of the Olympic Games in Sochi. January 17 - Oleksandr Usyk, Ukrainian boxer, Olympic champion. January 26 - Nelya Shovkoplias, Ukrainian TV presenter. February 1 - Iryna Fedyshyn, Ukrainian singer. February 9 - Michael B. Jordan, American actor February 20 - Miles Teller, American actor and musician. February 27 - Valery Andriytsev, Ukrainian freestyle wrestler, silver medalist of the Olympic Games. March 21 - Andriy Bednyakov, Ukrainian TV presenter and actor. April 4 - Junior Moraes, Ukrainian footballer of Brazilian origin. April 10 - Oleksandr Rybka, Ukrainian football player. April 15 - Oleksandr Hvozdyk, Ukrainian professional light heavyweight boxer. Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games (2012). April 19 - Maria Sharapova, Russian professional tennis player, once the world's first racket. April 21 - Anastasia Prykhodko, Ukrainian pop singer, public figure. May 4 - Nastya Kamenskykh, Ukrainian singer. May 21 - Santa Dimopoulos, Ukrainian singer, former soloist of VIA Gra. World champion in bodybuilding and fitness. May 26 - Dmytro Cherkasov, Ukrainian and Turkish swimmer, hero of the "Bachelor" program. May 30 - Artem Prima, Ukrainian biathlete. June 10 - Oleksandr Stoyanov, Ukrainian ballet dancer, Prime Minister of the National Opera of Ukraine. June 16 - Denis Oliynyk, Ukrainian football player. June 18 - Sevgil Musaeva, Ukrainian journalist, editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian Pravda online publication. June 21 - Taras Topolya, Ukrainian singer, frontman of the band "Antibody", volunteer. June 24 Lionel Messi, player of the Argentine national football team. Andriy Ilyenko, Ukrainian