May 25, 2022


b / d - work began on the expansion of the Panama Canal. January 1 - Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union. January 1 - Bulgarian, Irish and Romanian become official languages ​​of the EU (joined by 20 other languages). January 1 - Slovenia adopts the euro. January 1 - ISBN is increased from 10 digits to 13. January 1 - Ban Ki-moon of South Korea becomes the new UN Secretary General, replacing Kofi Annan. January 1 - Hong Kong bans smoking in restaurants and more than 1,200 public places. January 1 - Belarus imposes a tax of $ 45 per tonne on oil transit through its territory (see Belarusian-Russian oil dispute 2007). January 8 - Russia's Transneft suspends oil supplies to Europe via the Druzhba pipeline through Belarus over a dispute with Belarus. January 11 - Transneft resumes oil supplies to Europe. January 11 - Vietnam becomes the 150th member of the WTO. February 14 - Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov becomes the second president of Turkmenistan. March 27 - Russian businessman Maxim Kurochkin is killed in Kyiv. April 2 - The President of Ukraine dissolved the Verkhovna Rada, in response, some deputies said they would not comply with the decree and convened an extraordinary meeting. April 16 - The 5th studio album "Nine Inch Nails" "Year Zero" is released, in addition to conceptual music material, the album launched a new marketing technology, now known as "Alternate Reality Game". April 18 - A vote was held in Cardiff, which resulted in Ukraine and Poland winning the tender for the 2012 European Football Championship. April 26 - The President of Ukraine dissolves parliament again. This decree was again challenged by deputies in the Constitutional Court. May 12 - Ukrainian Andriy Danylko took second place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, losing to Maria Sherifovych of Serbia. June 3 - Congresses of OU and BYuT expelled deputies held on their own lists ("zeroing lists"). As a result, the Verkhovna Rada of the 5th convocation became incompetent. June 15 - Premiere of the first Ukrainian animated cartoon series "Nikita's Fox". June 16 - Singer Elton John gave a charity concert in Kyiv on Independence Square. July 14 - President of Russia V.