May 25, 2022

2017 is the year that began on Sunday in the Gregorian calendar (and ended on Sunday). 2017, the 17th year of the third millennium and the 21st century, the 7th year of the 2nd decade of the 21st century, and the eighth year of the 2010s.


500 years of the Reformation. 100 years of the February Revolution, which toppled the 300-year rule of the Romanov family in Russia. 100 years since the October coup of 1917, which brought the Bolsheviks to power in Russia.


2017 is declared: UN - International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development Ukraine: The year of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921 Year of the Navy. The task of maintaining and building the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2017 was set by the Chief of the General Staff - Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko. Year of Japan in Ukraine

Politics, elections

January 1 - Malta takes over the presidency of the Council of the EU. January 1 - Austria takes over the chairmanship of the OSCE. January 17 - Antonio Tajani, an Italian from the center-right European People's Party, wins the European Parliament election. January 20 - Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. January 22 - The inauguration of the 5th President of Bulgaria, Socialist Rumen Radev, who won the November 2016 elections, took place in Sofia on St. Alexander Nevsky Square. February 12 - Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov win the German and Turkmen presidential elections. February 25 - The Christian Democratic Union formally nominates Angela Merkel as Germany's candidate for chancellor in the September 24 parliamentary elections. March 3 - The pro-British Democratic Unionist Party wins the parliamentary elections in Northern Ireland, winning 28 of the 90 seats in the Northern Ireland Parliament, bypassing the nationalist Sinn Féin party, which is in favor of unification with Ireland (27 seats), and Juni with 12 seats and the Social Democratic Labor Party with 10. March 13 - Hungary's parliament re-elects 131 votes to Janos Ader, nominated by the center-right ruling coalition.