January 30


October 24, 2021

January 30 is the 30th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 335 days remaining until the end of the year (336 days in leap years). This day in history: January 29-January 30-January 31 Holidays and memorable days


Azerbaijan - Day of customs officers. India - Day of Sufferers of Indian Independence. Spain - School Day of Nonviolence and Peace. Ukraine - Day of the specialist of military and social management of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Memory of saints and martyrs: Saint Anthony (Coptic Church) Hippolytus of Rome Charles I (Anglicanism) Three saints


Catholic: Orthodox: Anton, Anthony, Egor, Yuri, George, Ivan, Antonina


9 BC BC - solemn consecration on the Field of Mars in Rome "Altar of Peace" of white marble in honor of the triumph of Emperor Augustus. 1018 - In Ortenburg Castle in Budyszyn, Polish Prince Boleslaw the Brave concludes a peace treaty with the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II. 1607 - A catastrophic flood floods about 200 miles along the banks of the Bristol Canal and the Severn Estuary. About 2,000 people died. 1644 - Okhmatovsky battle of the troops of Konetspolsky and Vyshnevetsky with the Tatars of Tugay-Bey. 1648 - The Dutch Revolution: The Munster Peace Treaty is concluded, ending the war between the Netherlands and Spain. 1649 - King Charles I is beheaded. 1697 - In one night, Isaac Newton solves Johann Bernoulli's problem of brachistochrony and discovers a calculus of variations. 1703 - According to legend, forty-seven samurai, former vassals of the Ako clan, took revenge on their master in Edo. 1790 - Britain tests the first specially designed lifeboat, which lasts 40 years and saves hundreds of lives in stormy seas. 1801 - A manifesto by Russian Emperor Paul I on Russia's annexation of the Georgian Empire (Kartli-Kakheti) is published. 1835 - Richard Lawrence assassinates US President Andrew Jackson. 1847 - The city of Erba Buena, California, is renamed San Francisco. 1853 - 45-year-old French Emperor Napoleon III marries Spanish Countess Eugenia Monticho in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris. 1868 - a music school was opened in Kyiv (now �

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