April 4


May 25, 2022

April 4 is the 94th day of the year (95th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 271 days remaining until the end of the year. This day in history: April 3 — April 4 — April 5

Holidays and memorable days


UN: International Day for Mine Awareness and Demining Assistance World Carrot Day. World Rat Day. International Day of Stray Animals. Webmaster's Day [source?] Vitamin C Day [source?] Journalist's Embrace Day [source?] Day walking around [source?] NATO Creation Day.


Senegal: National holiday of the Republic of Senegal. Independence Day (1960) Hong Kong, Taiwan: Children's Day. Angola: Day of Peace. USA: Drug Awareness Day. School Librarian's Day. National Border Blue Day. Moldova: Day of Mourning for the Dead in Ukraine.


in 2016, 3016, .. - square root day



Catholic: Orthodox: Vasilina, Vasily, Sergius, Claudius, Taisiya, Aglaia, Polina, Darina, Sophia


1103 - Defeat of Polovtsy by Kyiv Prince Volodymyr Monomakh. 1147 - Suzdal Prince Yuri Dolgoruky held a big banquet in Moscow in honor of his ally, Prince Svyatoslav Olgovich of Novgorod-Siversky. The first chronicle mention of Moscow. 1460 - Switzerland's oldest university, Basel, is founded. 1768 - Philip Astley creates the first modern circus to display riding tricks in London. 1785 - English inventor Edmund Cartwright receives a patent for a mechanical loom with a foot drive. 1794 - During the Polish Uprising, the Battle of Raclawice takes place, in which Polish rebels led by Tadeusz Kosciuszko defeat the Russian tsarist army of Denisov and Tormasov. 1881 - Los Angeles receives city status. 1887 - The First Colonial Conference begins in London. 1900 - Divers find the Antikythera mechanism near the Greek island of Antikythera, an ancient instrument for calculating the motion of celestial bodies. 1925 - Julius Schreck is tasked with creating a new unit for Hitler's bodyguards, named after him. SchutzStaffel - "Protective Detachments". 1932 - American biochemist Charles Glenn King of the University of Pittsburgh first isolated vitamin C.