January 22, 2022

Early Middle Ages. The reign of Justinian I continued in the Eastern Roman Empire. The most powerful states in Europe were the Ostrogothic Kingdom on the Apennine Peninsula and the Frankish Kingdom, divided between the sons of Clovis. The Kingdom of Burgundy was established in western Gaul. Iberia and part of Gaul are occupied by the Visigothic kingdom, North Africa - the African kingdom of the Vandals and Alans, in the Tisza-Danube lowlands lies the Kingdom of the Hepides. The period of heptarchy began in England. In China, the period of the Northern and Southern dynasties. The Liang dynasty rules in the south and the Northern Wei in the north. In India, the reign of the Gupta Empire. In Japan, the Yamato period continues. Persia is ruled by the Sassanid dynasty. On the territory of forest-steppe Ukraine in the VI century there are Penkiv and Prague archeological cultures. VI century was the beginning of the rapid settlement of the Slavs. Various nomadic tribes coexist in the northern Black Sea coast, including the Huns, Sarmatians, Bulgars, and Alans.


On January 13, the largest riot in the city's history broke out in Constantinople. It began with a clash at the racetrack between supporters of the Blue and Green parties and spread throughout the city. Most of the buildings were destroyed. Belisarius suppressed the revolt a week later. Up to 30,000 people died. On February 23, Emperor Justinian I ordered the rebuilding of St. Sophia so that it would be the decoration of the empire. He chose Isidore of Miletus and Anfemius of Thrall as architects. Materials for construction were brought from all over the empire. In September, Justinian I signed an eternal peace with the Persians. Both sides agreed to withdraw to pre-war positions, Byzantium paid 11 thousand pounds of gold to defend the Caucasus passes. The Franks, led by Hildebert I, invaded the Kingdom of Burgundy and defeated King Godomar near Oten. Pope Boniface II died.



Boniface II, Pope. See also List of Heads of State 532

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