August 5


August 20, 2022

August 5 is the 217th day of the year (218th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 148 days left until the end of the year. This day in history: August 4-August 5-August 6

Holidays and memorial days


World Oyster Day. International Traffic Light Day.


USA: Colorado Day.


Celebration dedicated to the Pochaiv Icon of the Mother of God Day of the Insomniac.

Days of Remembrance

In the Sandarmoh tract, the memory of the victims of the "Great Terror" of 1937 is commemorated. The beginning of the "Great Terror" is associated with the approval on July 31, 1937 by the Politburo of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Ukraine (b) of the draft operational order No. 00447 of the NKVD of the USSR "On the operation to repress former kulaks, criminals and other anti-Soviet elements". All over the USSR, 259,450 people were ordered to be arrested, of which 72,950 were to be shot. For Ukraine, these figures were 28,100 and 6,800, respectively.

Name day

Orthodox: Andriy, Trokhym, Fedir Catholic: Emil, Nonna


1420 - the Czech Taborites put forward their program ("12 Articles of Prague"), which requires the destruction of luxury, ethical evil, and the abolition of iconoclasm. 1583 - English navigator Humphrey Gilbert declared the island of Newfoundland the property of the Kingdom of England. 1772 — the first partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth took place. 1789 - serfdom was abolished in the Kingdom of France. 1884 — the foundation stone of the Statue of Liberty in New York was laid. 1858 — the first transatlantic telegraph was opened. Queen Victoria exchanged greetings with US President James Buchanan. 1886 - the first Ukrainian-language newspaper "America" ​​was published in the USA. 1914 - the world's first electric traffic lights were installed in Cleveland 1924 - Polygamy is banned in Turkey 1937 — the beginning of the "Great Terror", by order of the NKVD of the USSR No. 00447, the Resolution of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CP(b) "On Anti-Soviet Elements" came into effect 1963 - the foreign ministers of Great Britain, the USSR and the USA signed a treaty banning nuclear weapons tests in the atmosphere, outer space and underwater 1965 - the war between India and Pakistan began 1967 - the first album of the band "Pink Floyd" was released 1991 — Serhii Bubka set a world record by jumping with a pole at 6 m 10 cm. 2022 — The Award of the President of Ukraine "For the Defense of Ukraine" was established.