II All-Ukrainian Military Congress


July 5, 2022

The II All-Ukrainian Military Congress was held in Kyiv from June 5 to 10, 1917 (old style). 2,308 delegates took part in the work of the congress, representing more than one and a half million Ukrainian soldiers of the Russian army. Such wide representation was achieved not only thanks to the organizational activities of the Military Club named after Hetman Pavel Polubotko, but also thanks to the order banning the congress by Oleksandr Kerensky, which was sent to every military unit. V. Vinnichenko was elected the chairman of the congress. The congress adopted a number of resolutions of a political and military nature. The delegates demanded that the Provisional Government recognize the orders of the Ukrainian Central Rada and suggested that the Ukrainian Central Committee immediately start organizing independent state and military structures. The Congress decided to develop a plan for the Ukrainization of the army as soon as possible and to take all measures for its immediate implementation. At the congress, a 132-member Provisional Council of Military Deputies was elected, which became part of the Central Military Commission. The congress became a demonstration of the Ukrainian national movement. Relying on the support of this forum, at its meeting on June 23(10), the leaders of the Central Rada of the Ukrainian Central Rada published the 1st Universal of the Ukrainian Central Rada, which proclaimed the autonomy of Ukraine (see Universals of the Ukrainian Central Rada). See also All-Ukrainian military congresses of the UNR Ukrainization of military units of the Russian army in 1917


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