Midnight Club


July 5, 2022

Midnight Club is a series of arcade racing video games developed by Angel Studios/Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games. The first part of the Midnight Club: Street Racing series was originally released in 2000 exclusively for the PlayStation 2. After the success of the game, the company created several sequels for different platforms. The games in the series are based on the simulation of street racing in real-world cities with the possibility of free movement on their roads. Starting with Midnight Club II, motorcycles and special vehicle capabilities appeared in the series. In the third part, vehicles licensed by manufacturers were introduced, as well as the possibilities of their tuning and styling. In the last part of the series, a dynamic change of day and weather was introduced, as well as full-fledged police chases with the possibility of detaining the player. Before Midnight Club, its developers, Angel Studios, already had experience creating arcade racing games, having released Midtown Madness and Midtown Madness 2, the concept of which was taken as the basis of the new series. Midnight Club received favorable reviews from the press. Reviewers praised the gameplay, as well as the large and detailed cities with the ability to move freely. The main drawback was the high difficulty of playing games.


All games in the Midnight Club series are based on the simulation of street racing in an open world. The action of the games takes place in real cities of the USA, Europe and Japan. The main mode of all parts of the series is "Career" - in this mode, the player progresses through the story, taking part in races and tasks, winning or buying new cars and motorcycles. In each city, you can meet racers, flash your headlights to one of them and ride with them to the starting point of the event. After winning a series of multiple events, the player receives the vehicle of the loser. Every game in the series has police chases in one form or another: the police in their vehicle start chasing the player and his opponents if they break the traffic rules. In addition to the main "Career" mode, there are several additional ones. So, in the "Arcade" mode, the player has the opportunity to independently choose the conditions of the competition, or simply freely explore the cities; in addition, in "Arkada" there are types of check-ins, unavailable