Midnight Club II


July 5, 2022

Midnight Club II (Ukrainian: "Midnight Club 2") is a video game in the genre of arcade car and motorcycle racing, developed by the Rockstar San Diego studio and published by Rockstar Games for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and personal computers running Microsoft Windows in in 2003. On January 4, 2008, Midnight Club II was re-released on Steam. Since March 2013, the game has been available in the "PS2 Classics" section of the PlayStation Network service for the PlayStation 3 console. Midnight Club II is the sequel to Midnight Club: Street Racing and the second game in the Midnight Club series. Like its predecessor, Midnight Club II has two modes - "Arcade", in which the player can freely participate in races in single or multiplayer options, pre-setting the conditions of the competition, and "Career", in which the storyline is presented, where the main character participates in illegal races, striving to achieve the status of the best street racer. The action of the game takes place in three real cities of the world - Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo, which are given freedom of movement. As the game progresses, new cars and motorcycles become available to the player from defeated rivals. Each vehicle is characterized by its special abilities that help the player in passing races. Midnight Club II was announced in 2002. Due to the success of Midnight Club: Street Racing on PlayStation 2, the Angel Studios development team decided to create a sequel, including various innovations, such as online play. Midnight Club II received positive reviews from the gaming press. Most journalists praised the elaborate cities, variety of modes, and online multiplayer, but criticized the difficulty level and graphics. In 2005, a sequel was released - Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition.


Midnight Club II is an arcade racing game made in 3D graphics. Like its predecessor, Midnight Club: Street Racing, the sequel focuses on street racing. Freedom of movement is provided in the cities of the game - Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo. There is a change in the time of day (night, morning, dusk) and weather conditions (clear, rain, fog). Cars drive on the roads, and pedestrians walk on the sidewalks, who can be hit; streets and road conditions are individual for each city. The main mode in the game is "Career" (eng. Career), in which the main character is controlled