January 22, 2022

Pseudoyersinia is a genus of mantises in the Mantidae family. There are 14 species of small mantises, common in the western Mediterranean and the Canary Islands. Similar to mantises of the genus Ameles, but the wings are shortened in adults of both sexes. Inhabit the soil surface, often endemic, rare species.


Small mantises with a slender body. Eyes round, conical, protruding. Antennae thin, filamentous, males slightly ciliate. Forechests short. On the front thighs 4 discoid and 4 external spines. The hind legs of males are covered with short hairs. The first joint of the hind limb is shorter than the total length of the other joints. The wings are shortened in both sexes, the hind wings are transparent with a large dark black-purple spot. Covers of males are transparent, females - opaque. The abdomen is slender.

Types and area

There are 13 species known in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands: Pseudoyersinia betancuriae Wiemers, 1993 Pseudoyersinia brevipennis (Yersin, 1860) Pseudoyersinia canariensis Chopard, 1942 Pseudoyersinia inaspectata Lombardo, 1986 Pseudoyersinia kabilica Lombardo, 1986 Pseudoyersinia lagrecai Lombardo, 1984 Pseudoyersinia maroccana Battiston et al., 2018 Pseudoyersinia occidentalis Bolivar, 1914 Pseudoyersinia paui (Bolivar, 1898) Pseudoyersinia pilipes Chopard, 1954 Pseudoyersinia salvinae Lombardo, 1986 Pseudoyersinia subaptera Chopard, 1942 Pseudoyersinia teydeana Chopard, 1942 5 species are listed on the IUCN Red List.



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