Pseudoyersinia brevipennis


January 22, 2022

Pseudoyersinia brevipennis is a species of mantis of the genus Pseudoyersinia. Small mantises with shortened wings and wings, common in southern France.


One of the smallest mantises in Europe, the body length is only 2.1-2.5 cm in males. The body is yellowish. Faceted eyes are conical, with a hump at the top. Forechest fragile. The front thighs are thin, the middle and hind legs are covered with hairs. The upper wings are shorter than the anterior dorsum, barely reaching the beginning of the abdomen. The hind wings are transparent. Churches are short.

Similar species

From the close species Pseudoyersinia lagrecai, common in Sicily, differs more protruding eyes, more curved crown and genital structure. From other species Pseudoyersinia kabilica differs only in smaller size and structure of the male genitalia and range - Sicily, Algeria.


The species is endemic to France, known for isolated finds in the department of Var in the south of the country. Since 2003, it is considered extinct in the country.



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