July 5, 2022

Sega (Japanese: 株式会社セガ, かぶしきがいしゃせが, MFA: [sega kabuɕi̥ki gaiɕa]; English: Sega Corporation) is a developer and publisher of video games, and until 2001 also a game console developer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and with several offices around the world. Sega developed home video game consoles from 1983 to 2001, but financial losses due to poor Dreamcast sales forced the company to restructure in 2001 and focus on providing software as a third-party developer. To this day, Sega remains the company with the largest number of arcade machine designs, with more than 500 video games from more than 70 franchises on more than 20 different types of machines since 1981. Sega is also known for its commercially successful video game franchises such as Sonic, Virtua Fighter, Phantasy Star, Yakuza and Total War. The North American headquarters of Sega America is located in Irvine, California. The headquarters of the European division of Sega Europe is located in London.


Hedgehog Engine Sonic the Hedgehog series Total War Virtua Fighter series Shenmue series The House of the Dead series Phantasy Star series Panzer Dragoon series Golden Ax Football Manager Master System Genesis/Mega Drive (32X, CD) Game Gear Nomad Pico Saturn Dreamcast



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