Web server directory index


November 28, 2021

Web server directory index is a web page that a web server typically issues in response to a request for a list of files in a directory. This usually happens when the user does not request a specific page through a browser, but only types in a domain name (for example, www.wikipedia.org) or a domain with a folder (for example, www.wikipedia.org/img/). If the web server cannot find any file of this type (the list of files is in the server configuration), it may respond with a 404 Not Found message or generate a list of files in the directory. The latter option is usually disabled for security (appropriate web server settings). In this case, the web server may return a message 403 Index Listing Forbidden or a page provided for this type of error. Most modern web servers (programs) have the ability to control the index display process, such as the Apache DirectoryIndex directive in the main server configuration file or in the secondary configuration file in that directory.


Building your own website almost always starts with creating a page like index.html (the default setting). For the most part, such pages are called index.html, index.htm, index.shtml, index.php, index.cgi, index.asp, index.jsp, and so on.


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