January 18, 2022

According to the Gregorian calendar, 1895 (Roman numeral: MDCCCXCV) was the year beginning on Tuesday.



January 20: Japanese forces attack Weihai.


February 2: The Japanese invade Wei Hai. February 13: Ly Hong Chuong is appointed as the great minister of peace with Japan.


March 26: Japan sends troops to occupy Taiwan and the Penghu Islands.


April 17: The Giap Ngo War ends.


May 25: Democratic Republic of Taiwan is established, and Tang Jingsong becomes president. May 29: Japan attacks Taiwan.


June 3: The Japanese invade Keelung port. June 6: Tang Jingsong flees to Xiamen.


September 16: Japan establishes Southern Headquarters in Taiwan.


October 11th: In Gia Nghia, an uprising against the Japanese occurred. October 26: The first Cantonese uprising fails.


December 28: The Lumière brothers show their films to the public for the first time in Paris. Swiss chemist Amé Pictet synthesizes nicotine.


January 1: J. Edgar Hoover, founder, director of the FBI (died 1972) January 7: Clara Haskil, Romanian pianist (died 1960) January 7: Melchior Vischer, German writer (died 1975) January 8: Béla Zsolt, Hungarian writer and journalist (died 1949) January 10: Rudolf Kohl, German politician (died 1964) January 13: Abraham Binder, American composer (died 1966) January 15: Artturi Ilmari Virtanen, Finnish biochemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died 1973) January 18: Johannes Mattfeld, German botanist (died 1951) January 21: Hans Carl Nipperdey, German jurist (died 1968) January 24: Albin Zollinger, Swiss writer (died 1936) January 25: Paolo Marella, Italian Cardinal (died 1984) January 27: Harry Ruby, American screenwriter and composer (died 1974) February 1: John Ford, American film director (died 1973) February 6: Franz Radziwill, German painter (died 1983) February 8: Fritz Lattke, German painter (died 1980) February 14: Max Horkheimer, German philosopher and sociologist (died 1973) February 14: Wilhelm Burgdorf, German military officer (died 1945) February 18: Gustav von Wangenheim, German actor, film director (died 1975) February 19: Louis Calhern, American actor (died 1956) February 21: Erich Knauf, German journalist and writer (died 1944) February 21: Henrik Dam, Danish biochemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died 1976) February 22: Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre, Peruvian politician (died 1979) March 3: Matthew Ridgway, American general (died 1993) March 3: Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch, Norwegian economist (died 1973) March 3: Luigi Cevenini, Italian footballer (died 1968) March 5: Fritz Usinger, German writer (died 1982) March 7: Juan José Castro, Argentine composer (died 1968) March 7: Hugo Tetrode, Dutch natural scientist (died 1931) March 9: Adolf Scheibe, German engineer and inventor (died 1958) March 10: Fritz Koelle, German sculptor (died 1953) March 13: Vardis Fisher, American writer (died 1968) March 15: Albert Finck, German politician (died 1956) March 18: Walter Rheiner, German poet and writer (died 1925) March 18: Wilhelm Rexrodt, German politician (died 1969) March 19: Ion Barbu, Romanian writer and mathematician (died 1961) March 23: Edna Mayo, American actress (died 1970) March 29: Ernst Jünger, German writer, publisher (died 1998) March 30: Jean Giono, French writer (died 1970) March 31: Otto Griebel, h

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