May 19, 2022

1948 (Roman numeral: MCMXLVIII) was a leap year beginning on Thursday in the Gregorian calendar. Template:Month in 1948



January 1: The Chinese Kuomintang established the Revolutionary Committee of the Communist Party of China. Adoption of a general agreement on tariffs and trade January 4: Burma declares independence. January 30: Leader of the Indian National Congress Mahatma Gandhi is assassinated


February 4: Sri Lanka gains independence. February 25: Communist Party comes to power in Czechoslovakia


March 10: Czechoslovakia Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk is reported to have committed suicide. March 12: The Costa Rican Civil War breaks out. March 23: Mao Zedong ordered the liberation of troops to cross the Yellow River and march on South China and West China


April 3: The United States deploys the Marshall Plan. April 7: Creation of the World Health Organization (WHO)


May 10: Korea holds parliamentary elections May 14: Israel establishes a nation. May 15: Beginning of the 1st Middle East War. May 18: In Nanjing, the Supreme Court opens. May 20: In Nanjing, Chiang Kai-shek officially assumes the presidency of the Republic of China for the first time. May 23: Beginning of the siege of Changchun. May 25: Chinese Communist Party troops liberate Longhua.


June 11: President Ho Chi Minh issues a call for patriotic emulation June 18: In Malaysia, there was an uprising against the British colonialists June 23: Soviet troops in East Germany begin to withdraw. June 24: Beginning of the Berlin Blockade June 28: The United States opens a supply bridge to Ba Lam


July 17: The Korean Constitution comes into effect


August 15: Republic of Korea is established. August 19: Government of the Republic of China issues treasury bills


September 9: The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is established. September 12: Beginning of the Liao Shen campaign. September 16: Beginning of the Jinan Campaign. September 24: End of Jinan liberation campaign.


October 5: Beginning of the Thai Nguyen campaign. October 10: Beginning of the Tashan campaign in Liaoning October 15: The Chinese Liberation Army liberates Jinzhou. October 19: The Chinese Liberation Army liberates Changchun. October 21: Beginning of the Liaoxi Campaign October 22: The Chinese Liberation Army liberates Zhengzhou October 24: The Chinese Liberation Army liberates Kaifeng October 28: End of Liaoxi Campaign


November 2nd: The Chinese Liberation Army liberated Shenyang, ending the Liao Shen campaign. Harry Truman Elected President of the United States November 6: Beginning of Hoai Hai campaign. November 20: Employees of the US consulate in Shenyang are held hostage by the Chinese communists. November 22: The Chinese Liberation Army liberates Baoding


December 1: The Central Bank of China establishes and issues the renminbi December 5th: Binh Tan campaign begins. December 10: United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights December 12: The United Nations recognizes South Korea as the sole legal representative of North Korea December 15: The Chinese Liberation Army liberates Xuzhou. December 24: The Chinese Liberation Army liberates Zhangjiakou


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