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1953 (Roman numeral: MCMLIII) is a common year beginning on Thursday in the Gregorian calendar. Template:Month of 1953



January 20: Dwight David Eisenhower takes office as the 34th President of the United States


March 5 : Soviet leader Stalin dies April April 8: Begins the Upper Laos campaign. April 12: The Liberation Army attacks Laos. Government of the Kingdom of Laos condemns "Viet Minh invasion"


May 7: Navarre is the commander-in-chief of the French expeditionary force in Indochina. May 18: End of Upper Laos campaign. May 21: Navarre visits Indochina to investigate the battlefield situation.


June 3: Founding of the Chinese Buddhist Church June 18: Founding of the Republic of Egypt. The Soviet Union sent troops to East Germany to suppress reactionaries


July 13: Operation Jincheng in Korea. July 18: French colonialists launch Operation Hirondelle to attack Lang Son and Quang Tri. July 24: The Navarre Plan is born. July 26: In Cuba, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz leads the attack at the Holy Land soldiers A Ka July 27: Armistice is signed at Panmunjom ending the Korean War.


August 23: Kinmen artillery fire broke out


October 15: French colonialists launch Operation Moutte in Ninh Binh and Thanh Hoa, opening the Ninh Binh campaign.


November 6: End of Ninh Binh campaign November 20: Beginning of Operation Cástor. November 22: End of Operation Cástor. November 26, Ho Chi Minh announced that he wanted to negotiate an end to the Indochina war with the French colonialists


December 10: The Liberation Army attacked Lai Chau town.


January 29 - Deng Le Quan, famous and influential Taiwanese star (d. 1995) February 20 - Chan Ni, singer, actress and producer from Macau June 15 - Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the People's Republic of China September 1: Nguyen Tien, Vietnamese musician (d. 2021) December 28 - Richard Clayderman, French pianist.


January 2 - Guccio Gucci (born 1881) March 5 - Joseph Stalin (born 1879) July 9 - Nguyen Thi Nam (Cat Hanh Long)

Nobel Prize

Physics - Frits (Frederik) Zernike Chemistry - Hermann Staudinger Medicine - Hans Adolf Krebs, Fritz Albert Lipmann Literature - Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill Peace - George Catlett Marshall

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