January 18, 2022

Brazil (transliteration: B'raxin or B'ra-zin Portuguese pronunciation: [bɾaˈziw]), also known as Brazil, officially the Federal Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: Portuguese). : República Federativa do Brasil, English: Federative Republic of Brazil Pt-br-República Federativa do Brasil.ogg ), is the largest country in South America. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world by area and population with more than 214 million people. Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas and the largest in the world. It is bordered by 11 South American countries and territories: Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana to the north, Colombia to the northwest, Bolivia and Peru to the west, and Argentina and Paraguay to the southwest. and Uruguay to the south. To the east of Brazil is a 7,491 km long coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The territory of Brazil includes many archipelagos such as Fernando de Noronha, Rocas Atoll, Saint Peter and Paul Rocks, and Trindade and Martim Vaz. Brazil is bordered by all other South American countries except Ecuador and Chile. Brazil was a Portuguese colony from the arrival of Pedro Álvares Cabral until 1500 until 1815 when the country was elevated to the United Kingdom. Portugal, Brazil and the Algarve. The colonial link was broken in 1808 when the capital of the Kingdom of Portugal was moved from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro after Napoleon's invasion of Portugal. Brazil gained its independence from Portugal in 1822. First the Empire of Brazil, then became a republic in 1889 although a bicameral legislature, now the National Assembly, dates from 1824, when the first constitution was adopted. The current constitution establishes Brazil as a federal republic. The federation is formed by the union of Federal Districts, 26 states and 5,564 municipalities. Brazil's economy is the ninth largest economy in the world based on nominal GDP and seventh based on GDP purchasing power parity. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Economic reforms have brought the country new international recognition. Brazil is a founding member of the United Nations, G20, CPLP, Latin Union, Organization of Ibero-American States, Mercosul and the Union of South American States and one of four BRIC countries. Brazil is also home to rich natural and wilderness environments and numerous natural resources in protected areas.


Pre-Columbian Period

Fossils found in Brazil are evidence of human settlement in this land at least 8000 years ago. However, the question of who was the first to arrive in Brazil is still a matter of controversy. In general, archaeologists believe that these were Asian hunters who migrated across the Bering Strait through Alaska, down to the Americas and then to Brazil. However, some other archaeologists suggest that the more ancient inhabitants of Brazil were descended from native Australians and Africans. While the Indians west of the Andes developed urban states with In the case of high cultures, such as the Inca Empire in Peru, the Brazilian Indians lived in a semi-nomadic form including hunting, fishing and farming. They have no writing or construction�

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