Football player


January 20, 2022

A soccer player, also known as a player for short, is a sports athlete who plays the sport of soccer as well as different types of football such as beach soccer, indoor soccer, mini soccer, street football, etc. It is estimated that there are over 250 million soccer players in the world and many play other forms of soccer.


In a football match with two teams, each team will try to put the ball into the goal (also known as goal, goal). The goalkeeper is the only person allowed to catch the ball with his hands, but this is also limited to the penalty area in front of the goal held by the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is also the one who wears a different color shirt with the team and often moves in the penalty area to protect his team's goal. Depending on the position, football players also have different names such as defender (loose defender, full-back...) central defender (defence, attack), midfielder (center, wing, self) do...), striker (wing, back, free, plug...) and other positions. In addition to the official number of players, each team also has a number of substitutes to replace when necessary, usually in an official football match, each team is only allowed to change 3 players. A player who is substituted will not be able to return to the field of play. To play a full ball game (usually 90 minutes long), players need a great deal of health and endurance because depending on the position, they have to move (mostly run) over a total distance of 6 to 6 minutes. 11 km. Besides, football players are also threatened by injuries that are very likely to happen during the game or during training, injuries often happen to them in the legs, for example hamstring injuries, heel injuries. and sometimes even broken legs. An even more frightening thing that can threaten the players is that the deaths, although not many, are quite rare, but sometimes appear on the training ground or the field, typical examples are some players such as defenders. Antonio Puerta, he passed away on 28 August 2007 after suffering a series of heart attacks and right ventricular dysplasia during a La Liga match between his team Sevilla and Getafe. Or like midfielder Marc-Vivien Foé, this player also passed away in the semi-finals of the 2003 Confederations Cup between Cameroon and Colombia on June 26, 2003, when he was 28 years old due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. disease, a rather rare disease. Because of these physical costs and threats, a professional footballer is rarely 100% qualified to play through a nine-month season, often with a focused allocation strategy. for the big games. Like many other modern sports, the phenomenon of doping often occurs in football.


The official football match attire of the players usually consists of a t-shirt, shorts, knee high socks, sports shoes, gloves (keeper gloves and regular gloves). to keep the rest of the players warm when the weather turns cold) and protect the copper pipes. Bridge

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