Republic of Serbia Krajina


January 18, 2022

The Republic of Serbia Krajina (Serbian: Република Српска Крајина or Latinized Republika Srpska Krajina, abbreviated RSK) also known briefly as Serbia Krajina or Krajina, is an unrecognized, short-lived state in Southeastern Europe. . Serbia Krajina has most of its territory in the former Militärgrenze (Military Border) region, which includes its constituent parts: Croatia, Slavonia and the Danube. Serbia Krajina was born in response to the Croatian government's desire to secede from Yugoslavia while the Serbs in Croatia wanted to stay. Serbia Krajina existed from 1991 to 1995 on the territory of the Republic of Croatia within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The capital is Knin with a population of 12,331. In addition to Knin, there are large cities of Vukovar (44,639 inhabitants) and Petrinja (18,706 inhabitants). The population of Serbia Krajina was 470,000 in 1991 and 435,000 in 1993. The area of ​​Serbia Krajina is more than 17,000 square kilometers, sources differ due to the concept of territorial limits. In 1995, Serbian Krajina lost most of its territory during the Croatian military campaign of Bljesak and Oluja. In January 1998, under the Erdut Agreement under UN administration, the remainder of the Serbian Krajina in East Slavonia, Baranja and Western Srem was incorporated into the Republic of Croatia. The Serbian territory of Krajina is bordered by the Republic of Croatia, Hungary, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska.


Serbia Krajina consists of three separate territories: SAO Krajina (Banija, Kordun, Lika and Northern Dalmatia), consisting of the municipalities of Benkovac, Vojnić, Vrginmost, Glina, Gračac, Dvor, Drniš, Donji Lapac, Knin, Korenica, Kostajnica, Krnjak, Obrovac, Petrinja, Plaški, Slunj , the Serb towns of Zadar and Caprag. SAO Zapadna Slavonija (Western Slavonia) consists of municipalities: Grubišno Polje, Daruvar, Okučani and Podravska Slatina. Much of West Slavonia has been under Croatian military control since late December 1991 and is only nominally Serbian Krajina. SAO Istočna Slavonija, Baranja i Zapadni Srem (Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Srem) comprises the municipalities of Beli Manastir, Vukovar, Dalj, Mirkovci and Tenja.According to the Constitution of Serbia Krajina, the administrative unit is the opština (autonomous district). , according to regulations including the central area and surrounding areas. Serbia Krajina has a total of 28 opština.Serbia Krajina consists of six historical-geographic regions where the respective corps are deployed, and the population estimates are based on that. North Dalmatia - an area of ​​3,450 square kilometers. It is bordered to the north by Velebit, to the east by Dinara, to the south by Kosovo Polje and Petrovo Polje, to the west by Zadar and the Adriatic coast. The region includes the municipalities of Knin, Benkovac, Obrovac, Drnis and Serbian Zadar. Lika - an area of ​​4,808 square kilometers. Its boundary is to the north by the town of Plaški, to the east by the Una River, to the south by the Zrmanja River, and to the west by the Medak - Teslingrad stream. Lika is located between the mountains of Velebit, Plješevica and Mala Kapela. In the area there is Lake Plitvice. Lika includes the municipalities of Korenica, Donji Lapac, Gracac and Plaski. Kordun - an area of ​​2,306 square kilometers. Its boundary is bordered to the north by the Kupa River, to the east by the Glina River, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the south by the Plješevica and Mala Kapela mountain ranges, and to the west by the Mrežnica and Korana rivers. Kordun includes the municipalities of Slunj, Krnjak, Vrginmost and Vojnić. The town of Topusko is an economically developed place located in this area. Banija - an area of ​​3,456 square kilometers. The exact boundary is yet to be determined. three

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