List of characters in Clannad


May 28, 2022

This is a list of characters from the CLANNAD visual novel, manga and anime. The main character is Okazaki Tomoya, a Japanese high school student.

Main character

Okazaki Tomoya

Okazaki Tomoya (岡崎 (おかざき) 朋也 (ともや) (Gang Khi Peng Ye), Okazaki Tomoya) Voiced by: Ito Kentaro (on DVD included with the PS2 game version), Nojima Kenji (drama CD, movie), Nakamura Yuichi (anime) Tomoya is the main male protagonist of the Clannad anime series and game. Because he is always late for class, skips class during class, and hangs around all day, he is seen by the whole school as an exceptional student who doesn't follow all the rules and regulations of the school. He's the type who thinks deeply about his life, but is barely motivated to do what he needs to do. Tomoya is a 17-year-old high school student, he is very angry with the town he lives in because of the bad memories he has to experience while living in this place. He is a childhood friend of Kotomi Ichinose and a close friend of Youhei Sunohara. When he was in high school, he started making many new friends, like Kyou, Ryou, Tomoyo, Fuko, and of course Nagisa. Despite his habit of joking around when it comes to problem-solving, Tomoya is very caring towards others and his friends, always helping them even though he himself doesn't want to admit it. And Tomoya also doesn't seem to notice that some people have feelings for him, or pretend they don't (Like the Fujibayashi sisters). In particular, he loves to tease others, sometimes for fun, and at the same time to help others realize his mistakes. At that time, Tomoya began to have feelings for Nagisa, as evidenced in the period of time. She was sick and had to miss school, Tomoya often remembered her, expressing anger when another male student wanted to touch her while she was injured by being hit by a ball and occasionally blushing when talking to her. Although he is a special student, Tomoya does not fight. But if forced to fight, he is also very fierce, being able to endure the opponent's blows and return the blow. During this part, Tomoya learns what the atmosphere of family and friends is, thereby changing his outlook on life. In this part, he is also Kyou's boyfriend in another world. Since his mother, Atsuko, died in a traffic accident when he was young, Tomoya has lived with his father, Okazaki Naoyuki, with whom he quarreled the most. And in one of those fights, Tomoya was injured in the right arm by his father, so since then he has not been able to reach it and reach over his shoulder. After that incident, the relationship between him and his father became increasingly distant. In episode 1, Tomoya met a girl named Nagisa Furukawa while going to school. Since then, his life has become more interesting. Nagisa describes Tomoya as a selfish and mean-spirited person, but is actually someone who cares and helps others. In the ~After Story~. Tomoya helped a lot of people like Sunohara, Misae and Yukine when they were in trouble. His love for Nagisa grew until the two got married when they both graduated from high school, and Tomoya also found a job.