Football in house


May 19, 2022

Indoor football or Futsal is a type of football played inside the stadium, which can be seen as a form of small field football. Its name is derived from the Portuguese "futebol de salão", the Spanish "fútbol de salón" and the French "football en salle", which both translate as indoor soccer. Many professional soccer players have chosen to play futsal to practice basic skills. Indoor football is played between two teams, the official lineup for each side consists of 5 players and a number of substitutes. Guarding the goal on each side is still the usual goalkeeper position. The playing ball is heavier and smaller than a regular soccer ball.



The development of futsal began in 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay, the same year that the opening ceremony of the World Cup was held in the country. The first contributor to the development of this football, Juan Carlos Ceriani, created the game for 5 people per team and can be played indoors or outdoors. Around the same year, a similar type of football played on a basketball court was developed in São Paulo, Brazil. These new types of soccer were quickly adopted throughout South America. The Brazilian Sports Federation established the first official rule for futebol de salão in 1958.


The International Futsal Federation (Federación Internacional de Fútbol de Salón, International Futsal Federation FIFUSA) was founded in 1971 to govern the sport, and organized the first world futsal championship in São Paulo in 1982. Due to a dispute with FIFA over the management of fútbol, ​​FIFUSA established futsal in 1985. FIFA started governing their own futsal sport with its own rules and held the first FIFA futsal championship in 1989 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. One of FIFA's most significant changes to futsal is increasing the weight and reducing the size of the ball (size 4 compared to the standard ball) to reduce the bounce of the ball by 30%, which allows play faster and be able to score a head first (though it's still difficult and uncommon). In 2002, members of the Pan-American Indoor Football Federation PANAFUTSAL (La Confederación Panamericana de Futsal, The Pan-American Futsal Confederation) founded the World Futsal Association (Asociación Mundial de Fútbol de Salón, AMF), a An international futsal organization independent of FIFA and the successor of FIFUSA. Both FIFA and AMF continue to jointly manage futsal.

Game rules

The rules of the game are promulgated and maintained by FIFA or the AMF, which can also be selected within the framework to suit each tournament and each locality.


Each team consists of 5 players, including the goalkeeper. The maximum number of substitutions per team is seven, with an unlimited number of substitutions. If either team has less than 3 players in the squad, the game will be over. The player's outfit consists of a shirt, pants, socks and rubber shoes. Goalkeepers are allowed to wear long pants and a different color suit to distinguish them from other players on the team and the referee. When playing on the field, it is not allowed to wear jewelry or other objects that can be dangerous when playing.

Competition position