Bourbon royal family


January 18, 2022

The House of Bourbon (English: ; French pronunciation: [buʁ.bɔ̃]; Vietnamese transliteration: Bourbon) was a European royal family of French origin, and a branch of the House of Capet that ruled France. The original ancestor of the House of Bourbon was Louis I, duke of Bourbon, grandson of King Louis IX of France, who changed his surname after his estate. This family was named Duke of Navarre, and when the main branch of the Capet family (the House of Valois) died, the Bourbon family inherited both Navarre and France since the sixteenth century. During the eighteenth century members of the House of Bourbon also ruled in Spain, Naples, Sicily, and Parma. Currently, the monarchs of Spain and Luxembourg are part of the House of Bourbon. From 1555, Bourbon kings ruled Navarre, until 1589 added France until it was overthrown at the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1792. Then the kingship was briefly restored in 1814. fortified in 1815 after the fall of the First Empire. The July Revolution of 1830 deposed the chief branch of the House of Bourbon again. The second branch, known as the House of Orléans, ruled for 18 years (1830-1848) and was overthrown in 1848. From the time of Hugh Capet to Charles X of France (987 - 1830), according to inheritance law, only the head of the Capet family was king of France. But in 1589 when the House of Valois (a branch of the House of Capet) had no male heir, the head of the House of Bourbon, Henri IV of France, became chief. Thus, all members of the House of Bourbon and the minor branches still alive today are descendants of Henri IV. Philip V was the first Bourbon king to rule Spain. The House of Bourbon Spain (Borbón in Spanish) was overthrown and then restored several times, ruling the country in the following periods: 1700 – 1808, 1813 – 1868, 1875 – 1931, and from 1975 now. Coming from the Spanish line were the royal families of the Second Kingdom of Sicily (1734 - 1806 and 1815 - 1860, only one Sicily from 1806 - 1816), not to mention the rulers of the Duchy of Parma. Prince Felix, a Bourbon of the Parma branch, married Archduchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, and when she abdicated in 1964 in favor of Felix's son, Jean, became Grand Duke of Luxembourg.


The Bourbons before Capet were an aristocratic family from the early 13th century when a vassal of the King of France ruled the domain of Bourbon. The name House Bourbon (Maison de Bourbon) can be used to refer to this first house and to House Bourbon-Dampierre, the second to rule the fief. In 1268, Robert Duke of Clermont, sixth son of King Louis IX of France, married Beatrix of Bourbon, heir to the Bourbon title from the House of Bourbon-Dampiere. Their son, Louis, was made Duke of Bourbon in 1327. Louis' descendant, Charles de Bourbon, the last of the patriarchs died in 1527. Because he fought under the banner of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles. V and lived in exile, his title no longer remaining after his death. There is still the Vendôme branch. The Vendôme branch ruled the Kingdom of Navarre north of the Pyrenees from 1555, and then ruled over France when Henri III of Navarre became Henri VI of France. From then on,

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