January 18, 2022

Original video animation (オリジナル・ビデオ・アニメーション, Orijinaru bideo animēshon), also known as OVA (オーブイエー / オーヴィーエー / オヴァ, ōbuiē, ōvīē or ova) (and sometimes referred to as OAV, is an original person-to-person animation. spoken English, although it is confused with an adult film ("Original Adult Video"), which is an animated film and series made specifically for release in the home video format. (anime) Japan Most OVA producers release them because the movies are not shown on television or in theaters or for other purposes such as the beginning of an OVA movie that is used to introduce or advertise. The OVA was initially available on VHS, following a massive expansion on laser discs and DVDs Starting in summer 2008 OAD (original animation DVD, original animation DVD) began releasing DVDs with book material.


Just like the anime shown on television, Each OVA is divided into small episodes. OVAs (tape, laser disc, or DVD) usually contain only one episode. The length of each OVA is very variable: each episode can run from a few minutes to a few hours or more. The length of each episode is quite common at 30 minutes, but there is no absolute length. In some cases, the length of each episode in an OVA can vary greatly, for example in GaoGaiGar FINAL, the first 7 episodes are 30 minutes each, while the last episodes are long. about 50; OVA Key the Metal Idol includes 15 individual episodes, running length from 20 minutes to nearly 50 minutes for each episode; As of 2012 OVA Hellsing has released 10 episodes that run from 42 minutes to 56 minutes. An OVA can run anywhere from a single episode (usually with a direct-to-video movie) to multiple episodes in terms of length. Legend of the Galactic Heroes OVA with 110 main episodes and 52 gaiden episodes is probably the longest OVA ever. Many popular animated films first appeared as OVAs, and then evolved into movies or TV series. For example, Tenchi Muyo! It was originally an OVA but later evolved into a TV series, three movies, and more. Producers release OVAs as movie sequels, spin-offs, music-video collections, or to earn extra revenue to continue to exist as movies or TV series, such as: Love Hina Again and Wolf's Rain. OVAs typically earn more than TV series per episode; As a result, the visual effects of an animation can often be superior to that of a TV series; But sometimes equally. OVAs are renowned for their detailed plots and character development, which can come from the greater creative freedom given to authors and directors than in other formats. This also allows the anime adaptations of the manga to more faithfully reflect the original material. Because OVA episodes and series often don't have a fixed length, OVA film directors can use as much time as they want to tell the story. Time is available to expand the settings, characters, and develop the plot. This goes against TV episodes (required to start

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