Driverless Pho


May 19, 2022

Unmanned pho is the name for a way of preparing pho, in which pho is served with only cake and broth, no meat. This name was commonly used during the subsidy period in Vietnam.


After the economic reform period in North Vietnam, there are mostly commercial pho restaurants in Hanoi, in which pho is served without meat but only broth and rice noodles. The name of the dish is inspired by the Vietnam War, when the US often used drones to spy on North Vietnam. Unmanned Pho is said to have originated from state-owned commercial food and beverage shops, but the name is given by the people. This is a popular dish with the working class in society. Even in Hanoi, unmanned pho has contributed to the culture of queuing in the city ("poodle waiting"). According to prices from the 1970s in northern Vietnam, drone pho costs a dime and a half. The name unmanned pho is often used popularly in the northern provinces of Vietnam, especially Hanoi, and later the whole country when it came to the subsidy period. No meat but still fully seasoned. There are many different opinions about the processing of unmanned pho. The most popular way to prepare it is to use boiling water to season MSG into broth and serve with rice noodle soup, with no meat on top. However, according to writer Bang Son, the broth of unmanned pho is gravy but just a little pork bone and even kohlrabi broth; If you want it to be sweeter, the cook will add sugar like chan noodle soup. The article in VietnamPlus newspaper said that unmanned pho is made from boiled water with grilled ginger, grilled onions and seasoned noodles to create a "clear, sweet" broth. The unmanned pho at that time was described as "with a clear and even very pale broth along with the noodle soup." In 2012, a contemporary restaurant in Hanoi was named "National Commercial Food Store". 37" was established, with the form and content bearing the theme of a state-owned commercial restaurant during the subsidy period, and also serving unmanned pho to return to the "arduous subsidy period". with "frugal", "poor and little... money" dishes.



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