Saigon (song)


May 19, 2022

"Saigon" is a song composed by musician Y Vân in the 1960s. First sung and recorded by singer Carol Kim, belongs to the young music genre with the bustling melody of cha-cha-chá, The song was then considered the "Saigon ca" of the city. Later works also became popular and associated with the popularity of Y Vân.


"Saigon" was composed by musician Y Vân in the mid-60s, during the period when the youth music trend began to enter the South strongly, with bustling melodies of bebop, twist and cha-cha- Cha "flooded all over the discotheques". Many Southern musicians then composed Vietnamese songs and were warmly received, forming the "music-inciting" music genre. The song is 3:05 long (3 minutes 05 seconds), with the content praising the human lifestyle and the beauty of Saigon city, with a "very joyful" melody and lyrics.

Singer perform

The first singer to sing and record this song was Carol Kim. The song was also sung and recorded by female singer Truc Mai. At the same time, Singaporean female singer Truong Tieu Anh sang "Saigon" with Chinese lyrics and received a good reception from the Singaporean audience at that time.


"Saigon" has received many impressive reviews from experts and listeners. Nhacxua's commentary commented that the song has a "busy, easy-to-remember cha-cha-chá melody, especially the chorus "Saigon is so beautiful" that is simple and easy to listen to and memorize", and also called it here. "Immortal song across time and borders". Writing for the Labor newspaper, journalist Nguyen Thuy Kha said that in Saigon before 1975, many musicians wrote songs praising the city, but it was only with this song that Saigon "really had "Saigon ca". "own", and also commented that there is no song "very Saigon" like "Saigon", with the transitions "really young and vibrant". RFA feels that the song is "drawing the passionate and passionate features of the people of the North who have just left Hanoi and have just dissipated the fire and smoke of war to enter the capital of the South, sunny and peaceful with bustling humanity. Because of the chorus of the song, "Saigon" was mistaken for the name "Saigon is beautiful" by many people. The song was later included in the 44th edition of the list of "1001 beautiful songs" by musician Duy Khanh, published on August 28, 1965. The song was also listed in "famous songs about Saigon. Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City" in the book 300 questions, 300 years of Saigon by author Trong Dat Duong, released in 1998 and in the book 99 popular songs, published in 2001.

In popular culture

The song after its debut became popular and associated with Y Vân's popularity. In 2004, harmonica artist Tong Son released the album Harmonica Tong Son - Unforgettable Love Songs, which remixed the song with his orchestra and is considered Vietnam's first harmonica CD. The song was also translated into English by musician Quoc Bao in 2006 with the title "Saigon my love". In addition to this translation, "Saigon" has another English translation for children learning to count. MC Than