Aircraft carrier


May 19, 2022

An aircraft carrier, or aircraft carrier, is a type of warship designed to deploy and retrieve aircraft – effectively acting as an air base at sea. Thus, aircraft carriers allow navies to deploy air power over great distances regardless of nearby bases to serve as ground bases for aircraft. Modern navies with such ships consider them to be the center of the fleet, a role previously played by battleships. This change came about due to the development of air warfare just before World War II, as aircraft became increasingly dangerous and ranged. Carriers without escorts are considered vulnerable to attack by other ships, aircraft, submarines or missiles and therefore must travel in a carrier fleet. In the navies of many countries, especially the US Navy, an aircraft carrier is considered the capital ship. Along with nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers are considered to have an important role in the naval power of a great power. The aircraft carrier has a very strong attack ability and is always protected by many destroyers, but like all weapons, aircraft carriers are not "invincible", military powers are always Prepare forces and plans to sink enemy aircraft carriers. Typically, during World War II, Britain, the United States and Japan mobilized dozens of aircraft carriers to fight, of which 40 aircraft carriers were sunk (20 Japanese ships, 12 American ships, 8 British ships), dozens of other ships were badly damaged. In the late twentieth - early twenty-first century, the protection/destroy of aircraft carriers is considered the most important task to ensure victory in naval warfare between great powers. While the United States has the largest aircraft carrier fleet in the world, the Soviet Union / Russia responds by building the world's largest submarine fleet to chase aircraft carriers, along with the creation of specialized weapons. very powerful (heavy torpedoes, smart mines, unmanned submarines, heavy anti-ship missiles with super-long range and supersonic speeds), specialized to destroy enemy aircraft carriers (see Ways to destroy aircraft carriers) The aircraft carrier has the advantage of long attack range, its aircraft can hit targets at a distance of 700 km. But by the end of the twentieth century - the beginning of the twenty-first century, due to the development of technology, more and more countries were able to create new types of weapons with a longer range than aircraft carriers (long-range anti-ship missiles, submarines). unmanned aircraft), causing the advantage of aircraft carriers to fade away, while the cost of building aircraft carriers is increasingly expensive. Experts estimate that aircraft carriers are losing their effectiveness and will soon be replaced by new types of warships, similar to the fate of battleships in the 1940s.

Airport shape

Modern aircraft carriers have flat flight decks, which are used as take-off and landing sites for aircraft. Planes take off forward, upwind, and land from behind. Aircraft carriers can