Junko Tabei


January 18, 2022

Tabei Junko (田部井 淳子, Tabei Junko, born Ishibashi Junko; September 22, 1939 – October 20, 2016) was a Japanese mountaineer, book writer, and teacher. She was the first woman to climb Everest and the first woman to climb the Seven Highest Peaks of each continent. Tabei has written seven books, organized projects to clean up trash on Mount Everest (this garbage). left behind by climbers), and leads the annual climbs to Mt. Fuji for young people affected by the 2011 East Japan Earthquake. An astronomer named the asteroid 6897 Tabei after her, and in 2019 a mountain range on Pluto was named Tabei Montes in her honor.

Early life

Ishibashi Junko was born on September 22, 1939 in Miharu, Fukushima, the fifth daughter in a family of 7 siblings. Her father was a printer. She was considered a weak child as a child, but she started climbing when she was 10 years old, participating in a class hike to Mount Nasu. She enjoys the non-competitive nature of the sport and enjoys the striking natural landscapes in sight when reaching the top of the mountain. Although she enjoyed climbing mountains her family could not afford such an expensive hobby, and Ishibashi made only a few climbs during her high school years. From 1958 to 1962, Ishibashi studied English and American literature at Showa Girls' College. She originally planned to pursue a career as a teacher. After graduating, she returned to her former passion for climbing by joining several men's climbing clubs. While some men welcomed her as a fellow climber, others questioned her motives for pursuing a sport normally reserved for men. Before long Ishibashi had climbed all the major mountains in Japan, including Mount Fuji. When she was 27 years old, Ishibashi married Masanobu Tabei, a mountaineer she had met on a trip. climbing excursion on Mount Tanigawa. The couple eventually had two children: a daughter, Noriko, and a son, Shinya.


First climbing expeditions

In 1969, Tabei Junko founded the Joshi-Tohan Club (Women's Climbing Club) just for women. The club's tagline is "Go on an adventure abroad by yourself", and the group was the first of its kind for women in Japan. Tabei later said that she founded the club because of the way male climbers treated her grandmother at the time; As an example, some men refused to climb mountains with her, while others suggested that she liked climbing to find a husband. Tabei helped fund his climbing activities by working as an editor for the Journal of the Japanese Physical Society. The Joshi-Tohan Club began its first expedition in 1970, climbing the mountain. Mount Annapurna III of Nepal. They successfully reached the summit by a new route to the south, she became the first woman and first Japanese to climb the mountain. Tabei and another member

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