19th century


May 19, 2022

The 19th century is the period from the year 1801 to the end of 1900, i.e. 100 years, in the Gregorian calendar (ie the ancient calendar). But according to the ephemeris, the 19th Century began on January 1, 1800, and ended on December 31, 1899. Historians sometimes refer to the "nineteenth century" period as the period spanning from 1815 (due to the Conference of Vienna) to 1914 (since the start of World War I). Instead, Eric Hobsbawm calls the "19th Century" the period that spans from 1789 to 1914.


In general, the 19th century was a century full of changes in many aspects (beginning of the French colonial period of Vietnam, the 2nd Industrial Revolution, the battles of Napoleon, ...)

Historical features

It is considered the century, where capitalism extends to the whole world.

Historical landmarks

1801 Thomas Jefferson was elected President of the United States by the United States House of Representatives. 1801 Nguyen Anh's army captured the capital Phu Xuan, causing Quang Toan to flee to the North 1801 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 1801 Ranjit Singh was appointed king of Punjab. 1801 Napoleon signs the Convention of 1801 with the Pope. 1801 Cairo fell to Great Britain 1801 Tsar Paul I is assassinated 1801 Britain defeats France at Second Battle of Abukir 1801-1815 First Barbary War and Second Barbary War between America and the North African Barbary nations 1802 Treaty of Amiens between France and Great Britain ending the Second Coalition War. 1802 Ludwig van Beethoven performs his Sonata Moonlight for the first time. 1802 Tay Son army recaptured Phu Xuan, causing Vo Tanh to commit suicide 1802: Nguyen Anh successfully captured Thang Long 1802-1831 Nguyen Anh searched for descendants of the Tay Son Dynasty 1803 William Symington first shows off his Charlotte Dundas, the first steamship. 1803 The Wahhabis of the first Arab Kingdom capture Mecca and Medina. 1803 War broke out between England and France; This is considered the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars. 1803-1825 Early stage of the Padri . War 1804 Haiti gains independence from France and becomes the first black republic. 1804-1813 Russo-Persian War 1804 Austrian Empire founded by Francis I. 1804 Napoleon proclaimed himself Emperor of France. 1804 World population reaches 1 billion people. 1804: The first steam locomotive begins operation. 1804 Morphine is isolated for the first time. 1804-1810 Fulani Jihad in Nigeria. 1804-1815 The Serbian revolution rose up against the Ottoman Empire. Serbian independence was recognized in 1817. 1804: The Austrian Empire is founded by Francis I. 1804: Napoleon crowns himself Emperor of France. 1804: World population reaches 1 billion people. 1804: The first steam locomotive begins operation. 1804: Morphine is isolated for the first time. 1804-1810: Fulani Jihad in Nigeria. 1805: Battle of Trafalgar 1805 Napoleon destroys Austro-Russian forces at the Battle of Austerlitz 1805-1848 Muhammad Ali modernized Egypt. 1806 The Holy Roman Empire was dissolved as a result of the Treaty of Pressburg 1806: The Cape becomes a colony of the British Empire. 1806-1812 Russo-Turkish War, Treaty of Bucharest. 1807 Britain declared the slave trade illegal. 1808: Beethoven performed his fifth piece 18