Yoshihiro Togashi


January 18, 2022

Togashi Yoshihiro (冨樫 義博), Togashi Yoshihiro, born April 27, 1966 in Shinjō, Yamagata, Japan) is a Japanese manga creator. He started drawing comics at a very young age. After he entered university, the publishing house Shueisha discovered his talent. Togashi is the author of many popular manga series in Japan, such as Journey to the Spirit World, Level E and Hunter x Hunter published in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Togashi is married to Takeuchi Naoko, the author of Sailor Moon. In Vietnam, the two series Journey of U Linh Gioi and Hunter X Hunter were published by Kim Dong Publishing House in 2016 and 2017, respectively.


Born in Shinjou City, Yamagata Prefecture, as a child, he was fond of sports, especially baseball, but his biggest passion is still drawing manga. Togashi started drawing manga quite often when he was in his first and second years of elementary school. In high school, Togashi joined the art club; After that, he passed the entrance exam to Yamagata University in the faculty of pedagogy with the intention of becoming a teacher. While in college, he submitted many of his series to the manga magazine Weekly Shounen Jump, published by Shueisha. In 1986, when he was 20 years old, his work Buttobi Straight received the most prestigious award for new manga debuts in Japan, the Osamu Tezuka Award. Another of his works, Jura no Mizuki, was also nominated for an honor in Shueisha's first annual magazine, Hot Step Award Selection, published in 1988. The decision to give up on his goal of becoming a teacher came from an internship, he was so worried and scared when so many eyes were on him that he was completely unaware of what he was saying. In Yu Yu Hakusho he sketches out some unpleasant, irrational teacher figures probably thanks to these experiences. After getting serious about his decision to become a professional manga artist, now in his sophomore year of college, his Weekly Shounen Jump editor contacted him to suggest that he move to Tokyo. His early debut works for Shueisha include “Oukami Nante Kowakunai!!. I'm not afraid of the Wolf!!” It is a collection of short comedy stories. Weekly Shounen Jump also published the anthology in tankoubon (normal size) in 1989. Between 1989 and 1990, Togashi also wrote four volumes of ecchi, romance, "Ten de Shouwaru Cupid" stories. , Wicked Cupid, Heaven's Evil Cupid," about the relationship between an ordinary boy and a beautiful but mean elf girl. In 1990, Togashi made a name for himself with his follow-up series, Yu Yu Hakusho, which became a megahit at the time. Based on his interest in the occult and horror movies, the story follows a boy named Yusuke Urameshi who, after an unexpected accident, dies but is decided by the underworld to come back to life. later became a "underworld detective". The work consists of only 175 chapters and 19 volumes of stories (in tankoubon format) from 1990 to 1994, reaching 49 million copies in print.

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