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January 18, 2022

Tran Dac (1928 - 1995) was a film director, former director of the Department of Culture of Hung Yen province, deputy artistic director of the Vietnam Feature Film Studio. He was posthumously awarded the title of People's Artist of Vietnam by the Vietnamese government in 2011 and the State Prize for Literature and Art in 2012. He is associated with many classic films of Vietnamese cinema such as Ga, Song. went to war, August Star, these are also 3 films that helped him receive the State Award.


Tran Dac was born in 1928, from Co Am commune, Vinh Bao district, Hai Phong. He is the cousin of People's Artist Tran Bang. He served in the army and participated in the Vietnam War. In his youth, he served as a political officer in the Provincial Propaganda Department. In 1960, when he was just 31 years old, he was the head of the Hai Duong Culture Department. But then he decided to switch to study and work as a film director. In 1966, with the cooperation of deputy director Nguyen Do Ngoc, Tran Dac released his debut work titled Dawn on the Shore. Cao Cao, a film about the struggle against the nomadic lifestyle, against superstition – problems that existed in the ethnic minority communities in Vietnam at that time. The film is highly appreciated with images that make a strong impression on viewers: scenes of the nomadic Dao people, disease and death in the years before the revolution. Movies with the same theme on the period of socialist construction in Vietnam are mostly feature-length films and have appeared since 1971; Dawn on the high mountain can be considered as one of the two exceptions besides the short film The Highland Teacher produced in 1969. The film is co-starred by People's Artist Tran Phuong and Meritorious Artist Duc Hoan, and at the same time. is the first film of the elite artist Travel. After the reunification of Vietnam in 1975, he was sent to study at VGIK (Soviet National Film University). In 1976, his movie August Star was officially premiered. Not only won the 4th Vietnam Film Festival Golden Lotus, August Star was also brought to the Moscow International Film Festival in 1977. Until 2021, this is still the only film of the cinema industry. Vietnam made directly on the subject of August Revolution, which is also considered the most successful film about this period.



Distinguished Artist (1984) People's Artist (2012, posthumously awarded)






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