October 17, 2021

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, so anyone can create new pages or edit existing articles (except for articles with sensitive topics that cause a lot of polemics, which risk serious damage. source code is locked and only registered users can then modify it) and changes will be saved in that post immediately. Do not hesitate to put the pen to the article that needs to be edited, because anyone is free to add. Here you will find explanations on how to start editing and the syntax of the wikitext in editing, because there are some templates you must write the source code for. You can take a quick look at how to code the wiki, or read below. Here are the tutorial explanations and how to revise the article for beginners. Those who are logged in can use the visual editor as an alternative to editing using this guide. To learn how to use this editor, read Wikipedia:Visual Compose/The Handbook.

Basic wikitext for the article

Here are some simple and common wikis. These codes are usually supported by buttons in the editor bar. You can open this page in another browser window to consult and try these codes at the Wiki code test site.

Links to other articles

Wikipedia articles often contain concepts that contain links to other articles. The wiki code used to create the link is two square brackets: where concept is the name of the concept and also the name of the article to be linked to. The following code example: Get out physics If the link is shown in red, it means that there is no article in Vietnamese Wikipedia with that name. If the link is green, it means there is already a post like that.


Pipe trick

Links to other articles can be displayed under any other name you like with code: The following code example: Get out natural science We often call this technique a "pipe-trick".

Link to item in post

Links only to an essential item in the article:

Local and full URL

See also the predefined functions {{localurl:}}, {{localurle:}}, {{fullurl:}}, {{fullurle:}}, {{urlencode:}} at m:Help:Variable#Constants on parameters.

Bold, italic

To italicize, place the text between the upper 4 commas (quotes) as follows: The following code example: ''physics''' physics To bold, place text between the top 6 commas (quotes) as follows: '''text to be bold'''"Example of the following code: '''physics''''Give out physics To write in bold and italic, use 10 commas above. See also Wikipedia:A handbook of style for situations where italics and bold are used.

Down the line

When coding a wiki, if you go down 1 row, the displayed results will still be on the same line. If you want to display the line break, for example writing a new paragraph, please scroll down twice when writing the wiki code. Eg: Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 will give: Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2


A long article should be divided into several sections. The division into sections helps to make the article logically structured, easy for readers to follow, and convenient to edit by just clicking on it.

INSERT INTO `wiki_article`(`id`, `article_id`, `title`, `article`, `img_url`) VALUES ('NULL()','Trợ_giúp:Sửa_đổi','Help:Edit','The division into sections helps to make the article logically structured, easy for readers to follow, and convenient to edit by just clicking on it.','')