Uzumaki Naruto


January 18, 2022

Naruto Uzumaki (Japanese: うずまき ナルト), Hepburn: Uzumaki Naruto) () is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series by Japanese author Masashi Kishimoto. He is a young ninja from Konoha — a fictional village and serves as the main character in the series of the same name. When he was a child, the villagers often mocked and despised him because the Nine-Tails Fox — an evil monster that once ravaged Konoha — was sealed within his body. Even so, he still dreams of becoming Hokage (village chief) to gain their recognition. His carefree, optimistic, noisy, energetic personality helps him become friends with ninjas from the same and different villages. Naruto appears in books, movies, and other media, such as video games, OVAs, and even the Boruto sequel series – Ukyo Kodachi's mercurial post-Naruto, in which his son Uzumaki Boruto is the main character. When creating the character Naruto for the first part of the series, author Kishimoto wanted him to be a boy who had a carefree and goofy personality, but also had many of the ideal qualities of a hero, and was present. is to endure many tragedies in the past. He revised his appearance many times by changing his clothes to better suit Western audiences and also easier to draw. When drawing Part II (2.5 years after Part I, according to the plot), Naruto's character design was changed. Naruto's voice actors are Junko Takeuchi (Japanese) and Maile Flanagan (English). Commercial Naruto-inspired products such as models, toys, and keychains have been released. The development of this character was positively reviewed by many manga and anime magazines, as well as attracting attention from critics. Although initially, some thought that Naruto was just a main character in anime and manga that did not bring much difference from most shounen manga, others appreciated how Kishimoto developed his personality. because it is separate from the usual pattern. Many literary studies also choose Naruto as the subject, making him one of the most prominent fictional characters.


When Kishimoto created the character Naruto, he combined many of the traits he felt would form the ideal hero: a straightforward way of thinking, a mischievous side on the other, and many of Goku's personalities from the work. "7 Dragon Balls". He also assures Naruto that he is "simple and stupid". Kishimoto doesn't model Naruto after anyone in particular, but rather imagines him as a child with a dark side caused by his harsh past. Despite this, he is always upbeat, a trait Kishimoto says sets him apart. Naruto's outfit is based on the clothes Kishimoto wore when he was younger (as Kishinoto said), using a pre-existing design that would doesn't set Naruto apart but on the contrary something that is the original can make him so different. The orange color of the outfit will make Naruto look "spiky", with blue often used to complement the orange. Because Naruto is attached to the spiral, the spiral patterns are incorporated into the outfit. Naruto's original illustration showed him wearing shoes, but Kishimoto replaced it with sandals, because he liked it

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