Wikipedia:Your first article


October 17, 2021

This is a guide to some of the things you should know when writing a new Wikipedia article. We'll explain some DO's and DON'Ts when writing articles, and we'll tell you how to create a new one. Before writing a new post, here are some tips that can help you: Try writing a new post on your user page first or at Help:Sandbox. If you've already signed up for a username, you already have your own area to start writing new posts; you can shape it there, no rush to write it, and then just move it to the "real" Wikipedia when it's up to the mark. Try editing existing articles to get a feel for the writing and get familiar with the presentation code that Wikipedia uses. Also, try reading some of our good articles, or the ones listed in our curated articles. Search Wikipedia first to make sure there's an article on the topic you want to write about, it's probably under a slightly different title. If you find an existing article on your topic, it is best to redirect the title you are thinking of to the current article. Please do not create pages about yourself or your friends, relatives/acquaintances, advertisements, personal commentaries or other articles that you would never find in an encyclopedia. Beware of the following: copying stuff, controversial information, articles that are too short, and articles of local interest. Remember to follow Wikipedia's rules. Gather references to demonstrate prominence and to source your information. Articles that do not satisfy notability by citing published reliable sources will be easily deleted. Write a new page. List references to your sources to demonstrate that the article stands out. See also: How to create a new article, which walks you through the process of creating a new article, and Wikipedia:The new Wiki page creation guide. .

Find available articles

The Vietnamese Wikipedia has quite a few articles. Before you write a new article, make sure that Wikipedia doesn't already have an article about it, maybe under a slightly different name; you can find it here; see Naming conventions at Wikipedia. If an article on your topic is already here, but you think people will most likely search for it by a different name or spelling, see how to create a redirect with that name; Adding the necessary redirects is a very effective way to help Wikipedia. Also, be sure to review the post's deletion log to avoid rewriting a previously deleted post. If you search and still can't find the article you're looking for, try expanding your search to find articles that may already contain your topic. For example, if you want to write an article about a member of a band, you can search for that band and add information about your topic to the article to expand it.

Gather references

Gather references for the information in your articles. To deserve a post in

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