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October 17, 2021

The Wikipedia Main page has a This old day box that sometimes summarizes important events that happened on this day in history. The selected anniversaries are derived from historical events on each day of the year and holidays/observations from the current lunar-based calendar including Jewish, Islamic and others. January • February • March • April • May • June • July • August • September • October • November • December

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Contribution Instructions

We are writing event summaries templates for all days of the year, so that the "Once upon a time" section can be added to the real Main Page in the future. Anyone can help us reach this goal. Each day of the year is its own template. Create a new template with the name Wikipedia:This old day/TT/NN, where TT is the month and NN is the day. Just copy the source code of a written template and edit the content.


Not all events with a date need to be placed in this section. The priority should be given to events of global importance and of broad coverage and historical significance because they are larger in number and are broader events, often affecting more people. Avoid entering controversial and/or controversial data, especially those that refer to living people or companies operating in the market. It is recommended to keep the templates slightly short to fit the future Main Page. If there is a surplus, it can be added to the date field, so that the next year can be alternated. Generally only 4–6 events are needed. The English Wikipedia often spreads out the facts so as not to list more than one event from the same decade, doing so may reveal topics unknown to readers. Since entries with dates such as October 17 are not yet informative, we often have to translate content from similar templates at the English Wikipedia. Each item only needs to bold the most important topic in the event, just like in the News section. Links to names and terms are still possible, but please don't put too many links to avoid making the template look messy. It is possible to add Images related to the events that may be listed on these pages. Note that only free images (PD, GFDL, CC, etc.) can appear on the Main Page. Non-free images are not allowed.

Date Items

This is a collection of pages that act as an old This Day row waiting to be included in the content of the Main Page each day. These pages are also used to help facilitate and coordinate updates to this queue.













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