Y Van


May 19, 2022

Y Van (1933 - 1992) was a typical musician of Vietnamese New Music from the late 1950s to the 1990s with many immortal compositions. His younger brother is musician Y Vu.


Y Van's real name is Tran Tan Hau, born in 1933 in Hanoi (original hometown in Thanh Hoa). His family originally had the surname and middle name "Tran Tan", his father was Tran Tan Nhiet, his grandfather was Tran Tan Binh. But when giving birth to him, his mother chose the middle name "Tan" (Tran Tan Hau) instead of "Tan", because the family had gone through too much separation and fragmentation; So about the idealistic part, she wanted to change the word "Tân" in her middle name to avoid bad things later. In his youth, he studied music with Professor - musician Ta Phuoc and also practiced composing from a very early age. . Orphaned father, poor family, the whole musician family had to take refuge in a ramshackle hut in the alley of Kham Thien market. Therefore, he loved his mother and children very much, and he had to teach the piano to support his family. In 1954, he moved to the South, continuing to compose, play, mix and teach music, in addition to writing music books and guitar lessons. In addition, he is also a pioneer in light music with songs with chachacha, disco, twist melodies such as: "Saigon", "Illusion", "Sixty years of life", "Cui". After 1975, he joined the Southern Perfume Orchestra, then wrote music for many sources: writing soundtracks, background music for the stage... He worked hard day and night to create a future life. for family. He participated in writing the soundtrack of the film, the most famous being the work "Like the nightingale" in the children's movie "Linging in the city". Musician Y Van has 2 wives and 8 children. The first son is Tuan Vu, the second daughter is named Thy Van, the third child is named Ngoc Tuyen, the fourth child is named Thanh Hang, the fifth child is named Tan Phong, the sixth child is named Kim Sa, and the seventh child is named Ngan Ha. The eighth child is Ngoc Tu. He died on November 28, 1992 (ie, November 5, Nham Than year - lunar calendar). Enjoying 60 years of life (as he predicted in the article 60 years of life)

Pen name

Y Van means "Love Van", the name of the lady Tuong Van - his first lover. He chose this name since the love story between him and this girl broke up. Some of his songs have been written to express this sentiment: Do poor, Illusion, Pale sunshine....


The song "Mother's heart" His song "Mother's heart" is very famous and is considered as one of the most representative, profound and sacred songs about mother's love. The song was composed in 1955. Since then, the song has been performed by many singers, so it is still a very familiar song to Vietnamese people from the day it was born until now. Folk songs of the three regions This art work was sketched by Nguyen Van Dong and Y Van collected documents with the following tasks: collecting songs, documents, ancient musical instruments, selecting singers and folk songs in accordance with ancient models. in accordance with the local style. The project consists of 20 performances divided equally among three regions and has been released domestically on the Continental 6 tape/disc. In addition, an English version is also released called Vietnamese Traditional Songs to present to the embassies of different countries and regions. Vietnamese cultural agencies abroad. This work resonated greatly and was